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  1. I never knew the 1st 1uz’s had an extra injector. There’s a guy in New Zealand (Kelvin) who knows these #UZ engines inside out. He goes over interchangeable parts, explains bits and how they work. Discovered I have air assisted injectors on mine Regular informative videos on YouTube, CartuneNZ if you fancy. He did the immobiliser bypass for mine. Also looking forward to seeing this running. It’s funny how at car shows when stood nearby to mine, how divided people are when they see a V8 in a Supra. Some love it and are interested to know more, others have faces that screw up lik
  2. Can tell you are very chuffed, and rightly so! Your power curve looks to come on very early. Don’t have to be wringing it’s neck to get into the power band.
  3. I had to buy facelift rear lower no.2 arms as the pre-facelift simply weren't available. Surely if they were warping discs on the front ones they'd be a recall? Pre-facelift front No.1 lowers are still available (48068-14080) £284 in Japan. As are facelift (48069-14090) £368.
  4. Saw a dark red Supra this morning at about 9am heading east along H3 Monks Way in the north of Milton Keynes. Looked to have wide arches and a Veilside rear wing? For a moment I thought it was mine!
  5. Have mine also. Great work every one!
  6. I do have a spare pair but they have roll cage cutouts in them. I've been holding onto them in the hope I find someone who wants to cut up perfectly good ones for a cage and is willing to swap. My fitted passenger panel has a big crack in it that I'm also trying to source a good replacement for.
  7. Delboy52

    1uz build

    It has some club history. I thought James had a Supra with wide Nur arches? Maybe that was another one of his.
  8. YouTuber Misha takes a gentle passenger ride in the 2JZ Top Secret Supra around the Nürburgring.
  9. Delboy52

    1uz build

    Hey Paul. Always enjoy seeing another V8 build
  10. I know right! Those images were on my phone and I just added them like it was WhatsApp. Much easier interface. Underneath the dash panel the auto lever mechanism is all there still, just the plastics are removed. With the OE knob removed you’re left with the shifter shaft and a threaded rod poking out. My Momo gear knob collar fits around the shaft, and the threaded rod which goes up and down screws into the inside of the knob. My gear knob needed a thread tapping into it then it would screw onto the threaded rod. If you can find a gear knob that is slimmer around the collar then y
  11. I've used Megazip before and they have been pretty good with replying to questions and adjusting orders. They have a parts number search with helps with chasing bits down. https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/supra-38377/jza80-55401
  12. I tried with the manual surround and the shift lever would contact when put into the L position. Enough so that it sometimes didn’t engage because the gaiter and gear knob collar were fouling. So I fixed a BMW (I think) gaiter onto the auto surround and it all moves freely. I don’t need the manu button due to having a stand-alone gearbox ecu so that was a switch that didn’t need relocating, or the overdrive button. The gear lever is a push down and move now, instead of a button press.
  13. Looking at the part diagrams, there appears to be a difference in the offset position of the water neck. But that's only going by a part diagrams. Japan to the left, US to the right..
  14. That'll be the heater core that likes to leak all over the ECU when it fails? Nice discovery Seems to be sold out currently: https://thebrassworks.net/collections/heater-cores/products/199-998-toyota-supra-heater-core Europe and Japan use part number: 87107-14190 N. America use part number: 87107-14200 Not sure if they are one and the same?..
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