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Moo's - Widebody Aerotop Turbo Manual - Build Thread - CCW's !


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Following on from this thread started by James the other day :thumbs:




I thought it best to finally get my progress thread started. I have been promising I would start this for weeks, so here I am ! :)


It all started towards the middle of last year when I was on the lookout for a solid supra shell to be the base for my build. I was in no rush and I was willing to wait for the right one to come along. A few offers came and went, but I wanted a stock body shell to work with, areotop being a bonus.


It was then that I saw James was selling his black beauty, widebody with the nur carbon arches, aerotop, clean shell, no rust and he was local to me. Seemed too good to be true at first, but a short time later after some phone calls and a viewing, a deal was done. At this point I would like to say a massive thank you again to James and his farther for helping deliver the car to my home address (As at this time I did not have access to a trailer)






And so the story begins,


The aim for the build is to produce a widebody (but as stock looking as possible) aerotop, manual, turbo supra.


I should also state that I am currently studying my masters at university :smartass: which of course takes priority (hence the lateness of this thread) because of this I will be concentrating on the chassis, exterior, interior etc…. leaving the engine and gearbox to the last job. Armed with some very basic tools, a double garage and some reasonable knowledge i set to work. I will make sure I find time once a week to upload more and more, so bare with me :rolleyes:


Anyways, less talk more pictures right ? Let’s get started…. :Popcorn:


I have done a bit of searching into the history of the car so I can have all the information/pictures in one place, so the first picture of the car having the widebody modification were prior to my ownership.


Enjoy !
















They were all the images/history I could find on the nur carbon arches modifications :)


After this the story goes to James secret hideout, who prior to the sale began to smooth the engine bay and had relocated the battery and fuse box to the boot :thumbs:


Again these are the images/history I could find...











1 Carbon Rear Arch.jpg

2 Carbon Rear Arch.jpg

3 Carbon Rear Arch.jpg

4 Carbon Rear Arch.JPG

5 Carbon Rear Arch.JPG

6 Carbon Rear Arch.JPG

7 Carbon Rear Arch.JPG

8 Engine Removed.jpg

9 Engine Removed.jpg

10 Engine Bay Welded.jpg

11 Engine Bay Sanded.jpg

12 Engine Bay Sanded.jpg

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And this is where I took over :)

13 Engine Bay Sanded.jpg

14 Engine Bay Sanded.jpg

15 Engine Bay Sanded.jpg

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So here we are....


From this point, with the help of James and his father, the car was delivered to my personal address and work began !


The first thing i wanted to do was sit the car on a solid base (not axle stands) to make sure i could work safely under and around the car, and not cause any damage to the underside of the car or the garage floor. In order to do this I spread the weight of the car with some 9inch wide timbers ! This spread the load nicely, causing no damage to car or garage :)


The car was tucked away straight into the garage as the engine bay was not painted, keeping it dry, and painting it was top of my list !


Please take note of how clean the garage floor/work area is "I am very garage proud" :rlol:











16 Delivery.jpg

17 Engine Bay.jpg

18 Boot Space.jpg

19 Interior.jpg

20 Roll Cage.jpg

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From there, I began to strip the front end down ready for paint.


I also started to strip the interior at this point....


4 by 2 front suspension anyone ?




Look at that garage floor :innocent: Beautiful !






Boot was also going to need some work...




Tucked away with the family wagon :)



21 Front Stripped.jpg

22 Front Stripped.jpg

23 Interior Stripped.jpg

24 Boot Stripped.jpg

25 Overview.jpg

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Nice work dude, looks awsome!

I can't remember but is that one of my cages? It's just your user name rings a bell lol :)


No mate, I did pm you about yours though. Its the Cusco one James fitted :thumbs:


Glad she is in good hands. nice pics.


Cheers buddy :)

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Managed to fine ten minutes today to continue the progress with some pictures, which we all like to see :thumbs:


Previously the front wings were removed pre-paint as I wanted to get the complete front end painted, even if you can’t see it under the wings, protection was key !


Taking it a step further, I removed the front crash/cross member/bar and the wiring. Everything was given a final, very fine sand and clean ready for paint. You can also see the brake booster hiding under the front end ready for paint too ;)






Tidy garage ;)






More to come very soon !!

26 Ready For Paint.jpg

27 Ready For Paint.jpg

28 Ready For Paint.jpg

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Paint time :)


It is at this point that i realize i did not get any pictures of my "home made booth" gutted :( I basically built a timber stud structure around the car which was fixed to the ceiling and floor creating a paint booth :thumbs:


Anyways, here is the paint once i had removes the booth...




My poor garage floor, at this point i could not wait to clean it !! (OCD i know)




Decided to 'hang' the front parts to get a nice paint finish on them too :thumbs:






The front end came out very nice indeed, im very happy with it !




And the rear end, sorry about the rubbish picture :(








Spot the brake booster also getting some new paint :)




And the front end rebuilt




More to come soon :)

29 Paint.jpg

30 Paint.jpg

31 Paint.jpg

32 Paint.jpg

33 Paint.jpg

34 Paint.jpg

35 Paint.jpg

36 Painted.jpg

37 Painted.jpg

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That's the garage of a serial killer.














Great work :)




Great work mate


LOVE your garage ! Wish mine was as wide as that lol


I must admit, having the garage at my disposal has proved to be priceless !


Great project, coming along nicely. Looking forward to the updates :)


Cheers mate :)

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With the shell now painted and looking good it was time to begin the work to the underside, suspension, brakes, brake lines, fuel tank, fuel lines etc....


So i began to remove bits and pieces, suspension removed, plastic trim from wheel arches removed :)




Rear bumper and rear crash bar removed, brand new facelift rear lights were fitted also!




One dirty fuel tank guard and tank removed for some work :)




Tidy garage still :)




More to come soon :thumbs:

39 Brakes & Suspension Removed.jpg

40 Removing Fuel Tank.jpg

41 Fuel Tank Removed.jpg

42 Tieded up.jpg

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With the aim in now painting/protecting the underside...


I then removed the stock, old brake and fuel lines from under the car.... To be replaced with custom lines.




And a cheeky shot of the widebody carbon arches ;)




Next was the subframe.... removed to be cleaned, inspected, painted, rebuilt... you name it !


My initial thoughts before removing the subframe were to poly bush it all, but on inspection this car is mint underneath !!!! No rust, No worn bushes or parts, REALLY NICE EXAMPLE OF A SUPRA !!




And the underside before she gets her new underbody/seal protection :)



More to come sooon :D

43 Brake & Fuel Lines Removed.jpg

44 Wideboy.jpg

45 Subframe Removed.jpg

46 Before Underseal.jpg

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