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Kim's SRD Billet 6766 Torque Monster Build

Lee P

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Have a very nice build going on at the moment for one of our customers overseas


This is the car as it came in, bpu Euro spec car










Spec will be:


Sound Performance Torque Monster Turbo Kit

Precision Billet 6766 CEA 1.0 A/R

Sound Performance Quick Spool Valve

4" DP and MP with Waste gate Recirc

Tanable Medallion Exhaust System

SRD Custom Exhaust cut out

HKS SSQV with custom recirc


SRD Stage 1 Built Block

-87mm Mahle Pistons

-BC Pro Series Rods

-ACL Race Bearings

-ARP Main Stud Kit

-Polished Crankshaft

-Fully balanced

New Oil Pump

New Water Pump

New Oil Squirters

New Core Plugs

Full Gasket Set

Fluidamper Crank Pulley


SRD Stage 3 Head

-Full Refresh with new seals

-BC Uprated Springs with Titanium Retainers

-Port and Polish

-SRD Stage 1 cams

L19 Head Stud Kit

Titan Cam Gears

Gates Timing Belt

MVP Billet Tensioner Bracket

TRD Thermostat

Mishimoto Radiator Hose Kit

EGR Delete


SRD Ethanol Fuel System

-Asnu 1100cc Injectors

-Top Feed Fuel Rail

-CustomTeflon Lines and Speedflow fittings

-Aeromotive FPR Kit

-Twin Walbro 485 Pumps


Syvecs S6 ECU Setup

-All sensors

-Trac Control

-Toucan Display



SRD Overflow Tank

SRD Intercooler Plate

SRD Custom Oil cooler Kit


Stoptech Brake discs front and rear

Brembro Spec Hawk Pads

Goodrich Braided Brake Lines

PHR Line Lock Kit


Alpine INE-W925R

Alpine Reverse Camera


Kim wants an OEM look but a bit smarter so will be painted engine parts but no polishing.


Will Update as the build progresses


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Is this the black car that I saw you had to one side yesterday Lee? Looks like this should be a good build shall be following with interest :D


Yes it is :)


nice,wha power will this be putting out?


We are hopeing for 700hp and very fast spool, these kits have been used in the USA and done very well.

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I swear someone made 900 on 108 Octane race fuel and a cast manifold/6766 setup in the USA. Beasty Turbo! Sick project mate, wish I was building it lol.


Yeah it is possible with the USA figures, seen a few 800hp with ethanol.


We will be pushing for as much as we can so will be good to see what it does. Its really the torque that's important with this, nice fast spooling, hard hitting setup :)


Just come back you know you want to :D

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I will be following this build mate, as I have this turbo in mind for replacing my current unit. :)


I'm sure it will push much more than 700bhp on a built engine with your Stage 3 head. Try to convince Kim to go for Stage 2 or Stage 3 cams ;)


It probably will but it is a log manifold which is more of a restriction, it will need the ethanol to deal with the heat.


Kim wants it to still be very streetable and stock like.


Engine bay will be subtle and with a factory look.

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The car used to be red and had a re spray but the engine bay wasn't finished off.


We prepped it ready for some paint




This is the engine bay done but still the front left to do




Usual practice for us with engine builds is to make everything look nice and new.


Kim wanted a stock look so most things are black and silver.


Parts prepped and painted ready for assembly







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