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  1. [quote name='Herb']Bump! Still looking... anybody?![/QUOTE] I am very sure I have one, will check tonight
  2. What about this? I bought this one a few year ago, fits perfectly and proper fitting kit with bolts to mount to bumper https://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/toyota/supra/body-kits-styling/garage-whifbitz-supra-front-spoiler-type-2.html
  3. North West 1. Lewmc93 - Merseyside 2. Harrypm82 - Manchester 3. Annabella - Lancashire 4. Jongilly - Cumbria 5. Jaycee1878 - Liverpool 6. Supra2jze - Manchester 7. Spunkmeyer - Cheshire 8. Ian Ian - Cheshire 9. Jak Jak - Cheshire 10. Ballsdeep - Manchester 11. herbiemercman - Clayton-Le-Woods 12. Dr_Doom - Cheshire North East 1. Safcdixon - Durham 2. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 3. Style - Newcastle 4. Jamesmark - Yorkshire 5. Jaycm - Durham Midlands 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. m12aak - Leicester 4. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 5. Sukhy -
  4. Used to be painted but lifted after a while from the tyres and trolley jack. Went for some interlocking tiles like these https://www.garagefloortilecompany.com/collections/frontpage/products/graphite-tile
  5. markssupra


    Welcome to the club, well done on getting one and looks a nice car
  6. Shame I cannot show my car this year, work commitments take priority unfortunately. Hope I get invited back next year Ian
  7. Awesome build, well done to you and SRD
  8. Mine is fully forged with billet mains and ARP bolts throughout, 280 cams and built head with double valve springs etc. Currently mapped at 8000 by SRD, can go higher but held back because of gearbox
  9. Well done, nothing quite like building your own engine if you can do it. When I built mine, I checked the crank and rod journals first to see if they were in tolerance. They were all good, between 10 microns (0.010mm) of each other. Did you get the block rebored? If so, did you remove the oil gallery bearings from the block to clean it out properly?
  10. I should be there tomorrow along with a few others
  11. He must have been doing some speed to cause that much damage. Lucky no one was hurt being in a residental area
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