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  1. Great video and good memories, missing these big meets. Great times!
  2. I will hopefully be able to attend this Jackie, will let you know asap.
  3. Absolute joke, do they honestly believe owners or insurance companies will pay those prices. They must be smoking the same crack as the Ebay sellers
  4. Its been postponed to Saturday 4th September 2021, so hopefully it will go ahead.
  5. Its been postponed to Saturday 4th September 2021, my ticket for last year has been carried forward, so hopefully the club will organise a stand
  6. 93 GZ TT Auto Aero here in 199 Silver, now HKS big twins and Orange
  7. Welcome to the club :)
  8. [quote name='Herb']Bump! Still looking... anybody?![/QUOTE] I am very sure I have one, will check tonight
  9. What about this? I bought this one a few year ago, fits perfectly and proper fitting kit with bolts to mount to bumper https://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/toyota/supra/body-kits-styling/garage-whifbitz-supra-front-spoiler-type-2.html
  10. North West 1. Lewmc93 - Merseyside 2. Harrypm82 - Manchester 3. Annabella - Lancashire 4. Jongilly - Cumbria 5. Jaycee1878 - Liverpool 6. Supra2jze - Manchester 7. Spunkmeyer - Cheshire 8. Ian Ian - Cheshire 9. Jak Jak - Cheshire 10. Ballsdeep - Manchester 11. herbiemercman - Clayton-Le-Woods 12. Dr_Doom - Cheshire North East 1. Safcdixon - Durham 2. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 3. Style - Newcastle 4. Jamesmark - Yorkshire 5. Jaycm - Durham Midlands 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. m12aak - Leicester 4. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 5. Sukhy -
  11. Used to be painted but lifted after a while from the tyres and trolley jack. Went for some interlocking tiles like these https://www.garagefloortilecompany.com/collections/frontpage/products/graphite-tile
  12. markssupra


    Welcome to the club, well done on getting one and looks a nice car
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