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  1. I'm pretty sure Jamie has a nice plan. A Supra will always be a good invest
  2. Baffle made a huge difference on my 4" Ti
  3. I always drove off boost for the 1st ml, removed the baffle and drove normally. No prob for the engine. Lee even tried with my Supra on the dyno at low boost with the baffle in ; no issue ... Syvecs controls
  4. I had the same issue with my old house ... too many neighbors. I put the silencer in the morning, and removed it when I had left my neighborhood (after 1 ml)
  5. TH400 and monster turbo Jamie
  6. In 2 months time, my Supra will go to SRD. Due to COVID, it will be delivered.
  7. Luxluc

    Zachs' SRD1000S

    Even though the comp was only raised by .5, the engine is more responsive off boost. It feels much better on the road. I didn't want to go higher than 9:1, even though I run E85 all the time. I would go 9:1 if you decide to go the built route. No real need to open the engine if you don't have to. Lee found on the dyno that the Syvecs detected engine noise .... so that was the reason SRD opened the block. I hadn't felt anything strange on the road.
  8. Luxluc

    Zachs' SRD1000S

    I went 8.5:1 in 2012 In 2018,we decided to go 9:1 Between 2012 and 2018, the block wasn't touched ... only bigger turbos over the years.
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