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  1. Cheers mate. I run a PWR rad ; the thickest rad you can get.
  2. The detailer did an amazing job around the suspension turrets
  3. Luxluc


    Welcome. Any pics?
  4. Missing updates mate .... are you sweating?
  5. My Supra will be evaluated by a professional classic car / youngtimer / oldtimer expert He will see the Supra on Thursday I will keep you posted.
  6. Thanks a lot Simon ; yeah ... crazy transfornation over the last 15 years. The RPS max clutch is a really nice clutch ... I used it up to 626 bhp / 580 ftlbs.
  7. Nothing planned in the next weeks Matt.
  8. With 600 rwhp / 600 ftlbs, a single plate clutch won't survive. I would consider the RPS twin cluch. My RPS triple C is great. 10 years ago, I ran a RPS Max clutch : pedal felt like stock. I had 626bhp /580 ftlbs ; however, 600 rwhp is too much for that clutch
  9. I picked up the Supra from the detailer. The result is mindblowing ; body and rims look better than new
  10. Difficult question mate Check on the homepages of: - Mvp Motorsports - Real Street Performance - Titan Motorsports - SRD Tuning - Whibitz So you get an idea. Wrt AC, you have to check if it simply needs gas, or if piping is damaged. Unfortunately, AC components are discontinued from Toyota Good luck.
  11. Polishing is done. Ceramic coating next
  12. Arches cleaned, calipers cleaned and polished, rims cleaned and 1st step polishing done
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