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  1. I ran 740 bhp on stock engine for 1.5 years before going built 3.0. I had no issues ; but I knew something could go bang at any moment.
  2. Awesome Mike. Post that impressive 100-200 kph graph 😉
  3. Awesome Many thanks to all involved 👍
  4. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. mwilkinson x2 3. Jackie Silver x 4 4. Ellis x3 5. 96sz 6. Mo Reviews x3 7. Josh42 x2 8. Luxluc x2
  5. I would use a proper hanger that takes 2 pumps.
  6. Bonsoir Alex Nice purchase. Great looking LHD
  7. Luxluc

    2021 Calendar

    Thanks for the effort guys
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