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  1. Cheers all, truly love the ethanol tune car is truly brutal. If anyone needs info on samsonas rwd transmission just ask. Still optimizing myself to street drive a dogbox But is good fun
  2. http://rad-industries.com/samsonas-universal-rwd-h-pattern-gearbox-with-shifter/?ctk=fb689b55-bc03-4354-8fdf-5efd14052a9e just choose your option gearbox in dropdown and theres your price;)
  3. yes as its no secret the universal 6 speed rwd type samsonas can be ordered new for around 5500euro if remember correctly The shifter is another 500 euro. You will need the adapter plate which is another 500-600 euro. Then all the labour and propshaft etc The Full sequential version is around 10-11K, but anyhow if anything breaks parts can be ordered. For actual prices just go and ask at samsonas motorsport.
  4. Hi guys long time no see but yet not forgotten Has been a long time since last post but promised to share a bit around our 6speed. Last year we got around 1200NM torque on the getrag witha 7675genII on x amount of boost. We found the inputshaftbearing didnt liked that amount of torque and started looking for a box which on paper can hold this amount of torque, and shave off some weight and we didnt want to change out the carbonetic tripple carbon clutch either didnt we want to change out the diff. So lots of things we didnt want to change and spoke with Dan Burkett, maybe some of you hav
  5. Very nice, seen your old one on dragonball this year i sure recognized it ;-) Anyhow been out in one last damn really love the low down and all the way to redline so much power these cars make. Good luck with your build!
  6. Nice, cant wait for next years
  7. Nice one Jamesy!! Good to see you still have the Do Luck car and keeping her perfect!
  8. Stock body, wingless and euro spec bonnet WW frontlip aka MVP pu, CCW classics or JDM wheels in 11,5Jrears and 10J front in correct off sets, and a good clean paint job white, Deep jewel green, moonstone, rsp, 202 black or any other stock color 3L2 looks also very good ;-)
  9. The interior how it sits now
  10. Don't know if the situation in Calais has changed, as far as i know where you leave the train its a one way only until you go out to the roundabout, we will be just around the corner. If its possible to go to the petrol station we will ;-)
  11. Anyone know the estimated time of arrival in Calais ? Like other years we plan on leaving early thursday morning to wait for you to arrive and join from there.
  12. We installed the seats and very happy with the end result. The supra sits now at 1452kg with a 100% full tank the old seats weighed in at 13.8kg(thought really that they were heavier, but it is what it is), the weight saved is around 18kilos. These seats give so much support when strapped in they're like a mold, we'll see how it goes when we' re driving to Calais coming week, see how we come out after a long trip:)
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