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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Yakushi Show, Whittlebury Park, 2nd-4th September 2022 Official Mkivsupra.net Club Stand!

Al Massey

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EVENT IS NOW OVER: See and post your Photos and Videos here please: 




Hello All.


The club will be attending Yakushi Show this year and we plan to make it a big one.

We are going all in, like we used with JAE.

Big stand with a large marquee, Walk in fridge/Generator, Fire pit, Kitchen/BBQ, Food and drinks, Games and activities

And the Playstation with projector for the Gran Turismo competition and movies.


We currently have several plots reserved for us and a healthy budget from the club to get the ball rolling so this will be the interest thread which I will update the names below, as well as the details thread, which I will keep updated as we go along.


The weekend camping is from 9am Friday to 5pm Sunday with also the option of just a Saturday day pass.

The club is planning a large convoy for those wanting to attend on the Saturday, details to follow at a later date.


Tickets for the event and the club stand are now available at the Club Shop





If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or message me. 

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Event over, media link added (see edit history)
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Thanks for sorting it Alan 🙂 Realky looking forward to attending again this year! It was a great show last year!

Please note that everyone who wants to attend, your show tickets MUST be bought through the Supra forum club shop to be enable you to be on the club stand, as we will have to purchase the club tickets in bulk with the Yakushi show to secure our club plots 🙂 

You will need to buy from the club shop your Yakushi show vehicle display & Camping ticket, and also your Weekend Food and Drink Club Stand Ticket.

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3 hours ago, Supra Dino said:

is it ok if i bring a mk3 ?

Yes mate.

this event is more about getting the members out again after a crappy few years lockdown and catching up with old friends.

obviously we want to show off our cars, but there’s no reason why a MK3 can’t come on


if you know anyone with a MK5, I’ll make the 3,4 and 5 a centre piece 🙂

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10 minutes ago, Al Massey said:

I hope we get a big turn out, especially after the last few crappy years of covid

we all need a good blow out 🙂

50+ Supras at least for the Saturday convoy to the show is what Branners is planning for, as it’s the clubs anniversary year, so this will be a show for the Supra community not to be missed! 

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