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  1. I’m not for the club page. Not sure who actually is the admin for it
  2. I’m looking into options to get copies made, may not be cheap though
  3. A few people have asked about wanting one or a copy, one guy has already offered $1000 for mine lol JB mentioned someone on Instagram, so I am going to look to see if I can find electric car chassis about the same size and then look into getting the shell molded and make another or similar version.
  4. Video added as struggling with the photos, need to resize some of them I think.
  5. Sorry guys, mobile uploading went t*ts up lol Adding some more now, can only do a few at a time
  6. So a few years back, I bought a very, very rare Supra pedal car. However it was badly damaged  So decided to do something different with it. With the help Ellis Grange at http://www.fiftyninedesign.com about for redesigning all the stickers from scratch and pretty much guessing the sizes required. And then rejigging the designs after sending me the first prints to test out as he wasn’t happy until it was perfect. Mark Armitage at Your Final Vinyl for printing the stickers. Karl Owen for the spray painting. Without these, it wouldn’t have been possible. So I started off by stri
  7. I have one too, will need sandblasted and painted
  8. If people are genuinely interested in attending JAE, than I will happily organise. Unfortunately, I and the club have been out of pocket the past 2 years organising the plots, power, marquee etc. Which is a shame as people say they are interested, I pay out hundreds, then no one comes.
  9. If you werent so far away, I would have snapped these up
  10. I have a custom one that i made up, i will try get some pictures.
  11. Like what you did there. Think it went above everyones heads though Guilt
  12. Basch, I have just replied to your email. His profile name is MK4GAZ
  13. Hopefully with the forum being freshened up and the new club car, we might start to see an increase of interest in club events and car shows. Really demoralising putting in money and loads of time for an event for only a handful to turn up Fingers crossed next year is bigger and we can back to having a good time
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