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  1. Yep, I and others tried to help him, but sadly I'm pretty sure he went with what they offered him and didn't fight it, so got paid hardly anything.
  2. I've been with Lynbrook for years on a classic car policy. £346 for the year, 5000 miles, garaged, last year £35000 market value on the policy, two additional drivers Pig and Rosie. It's due for renewal in September, so will shop around then.
  3. Be very careful with that, as the ombudsman can and will go with the highest book price to settle in the end. I've been there years ago on a daily, and was advised by a very good friend in the know that you do not want it going to ombudsman, so get your best settlement figure you can before it goes too far.
  4. No mate, they were shit lol You couldn’t get it to handle like it does now on b6 bilsteins and eibach springs.
  5. Ok that's good, thank you for letting me know
  6. Are you with Reis on the "classic policy" for the Supra Lee has told me he's doing for you currently? If so, as yours is modified too, it will give me more confidence that they will insure with agreed value on mine.
  7. That is great to hear, thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely be trying Reis again this year and do what you mentioned.
  8. Lol I'm not making shit up! I've had numerous classic car policies with different insurers since around 2014. NCD doesn't apply to any of them. All my no claims are on my daily, and I'm pretty sure when I tried Reis last year they wouldn't insure a modified supra on a classic car policy, so I would have to take out a normal/modified policy, but I had no NCD to apply. I do want to try Reis this year though, as it sounds like they will give the correct agreed valuation, and therefore the hike in cost of the yearly insurance without any NCD almost becomes insignificant to me.
  9. But they don't offer a classic car policy, so if you've been on a classic car policy with another insurer, like I have, you can't easily switch to a normal policy as you will have lost all your no claims when you originally moved to a classic policy.
  10. I see he has a 'Ring' decal on the car? Anyone know his lap time?
  11. The UK springs make it VERY boaty, doesn't handle well at all
  12. Don't forget it has an old laggy turbo kit, so not going to be blistering fast off the line.
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