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  1. Yeah, don't know if a CD astra saloon is something to boast about Think it must have been a MK3 as I think this was from 1993, but it was a nice surprise for sure.
  2. I saw a clip of this on twitter a couple days ago too, ended up binging a couple of episodes, hilarious how things have changed (and haven't), I can believe how much power an 'i' badge gave you!
  3. No worries, Toyota and BMW are the same thing nowadays anyway . I bought some exactly like that but I ordered enough for both cars, about £15 for 60 which is a great price, hopefully they stand the test of time! I plan on getting new liners and retainers for my TT6 soon (while they’re still available), so I have a spare set of everything for the future. Worst case, I’ll send the old hardware away to be re zinc-plated
  4. Great idea! Much nicer than £2 a shot. I'll get some ordered to swap out my old hardware. Cheers
  5. No problem – the measurements are: Point to washer – 17mm (this doesn't really matter, as long as it is long enough to go through the bumper and liner and through the retainer) Thread diameter – 4.9mm Washer diameter – 15.75mm When you do get some new screws, please update the thread and let me know where you got them from , I'd be interested in replacing mine.
  6. There's a guy on the facebook group for this forum who has a whole wheel for sale for €170: https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/3921144587975008/?ref=share_attachment
  7. Yeah I think it is that one, can't remember the part number but go with whatever the part diag says as there's likely to be slightly different ones. I'd try Keron and see if he has some laying about used/new.
  8. The photos were for Phil to show him what it should be like, but you are right - I do need to get some new bolts!
  9. No worries, glad to hear it was something simple and easy to access, much better than chasing a broken wire. Good luck with rewinding the cable; yeah - the weather has been a bit bipolar recently, fortunately it's now sunny and clear (albeit still chilly) in Leicester.
  10. Hi, please see the photos below, the retainer goes around the liner and it is also the thread for the bolt/screw, so just having the retainers should be fine, providing there is enough liner left for it to clamp onto. You'll have to excuse the condition of the bumper, all the years of rusty hardware haven't been kind to the paint (it's on the long list of things to sort!)
  11. Ah okay that's a bit of a shame, I guess it must have been caught by something in the past and ripped out, I'll take some photos tomorrow. If the car is a long term keeper, I'd consider just getting new liners (while you still can!). I suspect if you had the retainers it'd still be find even with the c-shaped holes as it'd be sandwiched between the bolt and the bumper edge, but I'll confirm this tomorrow with the photos
  12. Also, if it's the arch liners that are damaged so it won't fit properly, I'm pretty sure they're available new too (about £40 each on Amayama from Japan (exc. shipping etc.) so probably £60ish here from Toyota?)
  13. Yeah iirc there are retaining clips there that the bolt screws into, I'd ask Keron if he has any, and if not get some from Toyota, probably be a few quid if that. If you'd like I can take a photo of how it attaches on my car tomorrow morning?
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