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  1. Ah okay yep, thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  2. Nice! What did you use to remove the tiger seal? I had to remove some off some skirts and spats before I re-fit them properly with 3M LSE tape and it took me hours!
  3. Old fluid for sure. It was black and smelt burnt, probably hadn't been done in well over a decade, same with the coolant. From what I understand my NA was in daily use since import (2003) until about 2016, then it was driven on the odd weekend until I bought it, so I think it's more lack of a service rather than sitting. I did a flush using this method (@shaz2010 - this might be helpful if you want to flush your system once you find the issue), thinking i'd caught it in time but the whining got progressively worse. White spirit etc. wouldn't shift the crud in the bottom so I just fitted a good
  4. My NA reservoir was very blocked and was starving my pump for a little while before I sent it to Chris Wilson to be rebuilt. He said there was evidence of cavitation but it was rebuildable and it’s been fine for coming up to two years now, so I think it should be okay, maybe only a rebuild at the very most (if it’s not a seal in the pump that has gone)
  5. According to gov.uk (https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/?locale=en) the last logbook was in 2016 and it was last MOT'd last year (it's SORN now), so it's probably just tucked away in someone's garage, appreciating. I fortunately have not sold a car I've owned yet, and I certainly don't plan on parting with either of mine, but I can imagine it's a tough/annoying feeling. Have you got any plans to purchase another one in the future?
  6. Ah ok, iirc both my JDM NA and TT are the same as on the right, the one on the left looks to be an early cap between 1993/05 to 1994/05, part no: 44305-24030. I don't think the type of cap will affect your issue though as it should screw on and seal the same and wouldn't foul the reservoir (obviously) as it's shorter, so you should be fine, ignore my previous comment. Although once the issue is sorted I'd try using your old one again as the level height does look different. Keep us posted, hopefully it all it needs is a bleed.
  7. m12aak

    PAS Pump

    There's a common leak location on the return side (I fortunately haven't had this issue yet on either car though) which Keron sells a repair hose for if it is that:
  8. The reservoir isn't very deep so I would have thought your new one would be touching the bottom and has maybe punctured the filter? And it looks like the new 'Cold' is lower than the original so the reading is different and would be wrong. I'd go back to your dealer and make sure you get a like for like replacement. You can jack the car up and turn the wheels with the engine off to help bleed it, and the same again with the engine on. The TSRM says this:
  9. I'd advise you get the tyres fitted and balanced before they're ceramic coated (I presume that's what you're looking at), otherwise the wheel weights won't stick to the coated surface properly and you may need to compound/polish the coating off to make them stick. I don't know what the best coating is for wheels but I'm sure there are a fair few detailers about who can recommend something. I follow Obsessed Garage on YT and Matt over there recommends two coats of Carpro DLUX topped with Gliss V2 for wheels, (I have no idea how well it lasts etc., as I haven't used it yet), but it should b
  10. My TT6 (0039956) is the same as yours; a facelift non-VVTi. I had no idea there were more 'switchover' facelifts made than VVTI TT6's, interesting! It was a middle of March 1997 build. My NA (0034313) on the other hand is a very late January 1996 build so it has the black carpet and headliner, but everything else is non-facelift.
  11. I measured mine a while back and I use 20” passenger and 21” drivers at the front and 19 inch at the rear, although I think the stock size is 18 inch. It’s not an issue though if you use a slightly larger size, if your wiper blade is more flexible and can contact the window fully. I use Bosch Aerotwin retrofit wipers on all cars, they’re great and are about £10 each on eBay.
  12. m12aak

    PAS Pump

    Chris Wilson also rebuilds them, my NA PS reservoir was choking out my pump so I had CW rebuild the pump and I got a good used reservoir from Keron. I'd make sure it's 100% the pump that is the issue and it's not just a blocked reservoir first (if you haven't already). Iirc it was around £150 for CW to rebuild it.
  13. Hi, I'll take all three of the boot plastics, and the front suspension spacer rings. Could you PM me to sort the extra shipping cost and payment please? Cheers
  14. Mine has also started to do that on the NA (albeit not to that extent). I believe it's caused by the dash warping. I've just checked and that vent looks to be discontinued (55981-14010) so I would be extremely careful if removing it or opt to leave it as is, just in case. I've never looked into how you'd remove it but the part diag. (below) appears to show some clips that it probably slots into and then it is pressure fit into the hole in the dash/the HVAC duct. Hopefully someone can chime in and confirm/deny this and possibly offer a fix!
  15. Thanks mate, I definitely will do!
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