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N/a auto - single turbo manual


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First thing I did was to get the headlights back to being clear as I was waiting her her to go into the bodyshop and I also started stripping the interior ready for the respray and new complete sound system update

some before and after of the lights they weren’t that bad but still wanted better



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She’s booked into srd tuning start of September for her manual swap going brand new r154 box with stage 3 clutch ready for single turbo conversion.

things I will be doing is a refresh of the underside , coilovers then possibly some bucket/sports seats

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New sound system installed forgot to take pictures but rear/doors sound deadening. 
Srd speakers brackets and amped speakers everything sounds so much better.

new seats ordered went for cobra Daytona’s with planted tec frames.

will be taking out the carpet and sound deadening the front as I’m fitting the seats.

also order new matts for all foot wells and boot from fitmint automotive.

will update with pics as/when everything arrives.

and finally off the Srd in September for the r154 swap which I can’t wait for.


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Impressive! That seat delivery time is seriously good. Who’d you use out of interest? I’m happy with my Recaro’s, but think it’s good to share when someone does a good job and that’s really fast! They do look the part, bet you can’t wait to get them in, did the subframes arrive at the same time? 

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