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  1. Looking for a facelift right hand dash panel as in pic. thanks
  2. Ordered from demon tweeks. Also got the runners from there. But ordered the subframes from planted technology in America they are on back order so won’t be here for a few weeks
  3. Seat have arrived much sooner than expected ordered at 4.30pm yesterday they were delivered at 9.30am this morning, just opened them and love them
  4. New sound system installed forgot to take pictures but rear/doors sound deadening. Srd speakers brackets and amped speakers everything sounds so much better. new seats ordered went for cobra Daytona’s with planted tec frames. will be taking out the carpet and sound deadening the front as I’m fitting the seats. also order new matts for all foot wells and boot from fitmint automotive. will update with pics as/when everything arrives. and finally off the Srd in September for the r154 swap which I can’t wait for.
  5. Anyone have a trd steering wheel for sale thanks
  6. Lovely have a few of these spare thought it might be thanks
  7. Anyone know what clips/fixings are used to hold the carpet to the back seat? Mine have the holes in both back of rear seat and mat. Thanks
  8. scottyt

    South Wales

    Anyone from South Wales here
  9. scottyt


    Lovely looking car but then I’m biased
  10. Full fast and furious replica fridays morning junction 34 m4
  11. Anyone have a pair they are selling? Let me know thanks
  12. scottyt


    Wondering if anyone was going to trax this year start of Oct
  13. Recaro confetti seats Anyone selling them?
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