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  1. As title budget £15k ish message me please if you have something
  2. Anything new coming up for sale still looking
  3. Yeah I saw that not to sure about it though as he says it has mot till November next year?
  4. To be honest a tt would be 1st option but I just love the look of the car so a mint n/a wouldn’t bother me just nothing with a body kit really
  5. Am I getting it right that a auto turbo is around 9k -10k ish?
  6. will put my budget up abit then may aswell get the car a really want
  7. What price am I looking at for a manual turbo the prices seem to vary I don't mind paying the money for the right car as I've been looking for a few years on and off and they seem to be going up in price quite fast
  8. Hi all new guy from South Wales looking on getting a supra next year looking to spend up to about 15k I'm wanting a tt manual but guessing I'm on the boarders of getting a good one for that price, I'm also open to getting a decent n/a and then in time doing a engine swap, will look around this forum for help. Just wanted to say hi. Scott
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