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  1. Thank you mate. Fingers crossed I’ll have some more photos soon to share.
  2. Very nice mate. Glad she ran for you this time and all is well. No doubt once everything is bedded in and mapped properly it’ll run like a dream for you. Must have been nice for you to hear it run after all that time? Nice one.
  3. Good luck tomorrow mate. Keeping everything crossed for you.
  4. Fair enough mate. It’s all relative and a personal choice at the end of the day. Just because I like these and wanted to run a set doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Cost is also subjective, if these do prevent people bending the sills then it will pay for itself pretty quickly, if they don’t use the jack points, then I’ll be getting them to repair it mate as I plan to let everyone know they are there if they need to jack the car up for any reason. I don’t see these being a water trap hazard, the fit means you aren’t making any new holes, just using what’s already there. If the fr
  5. Thank you mate. My set delivered were £275. All I would say is the R&D, quality materials and peace of mind these give me made the price seem reasonable. The finish is really good and the key for me was they wouldn’t sit too low as they are permanently fitted and I don’t want them catching on speed bumps etc. The fronts were my bigger concern, but I needn’t have worried as they install higher than my exhaust, so shouldn’t have any issues.
  6. Indeed, had a chance to pop over to see Matt and the car today at lunchtime. Managed to get all 4 jacking solutions installed and have to say I was really impressed with the ease of installation. The videos from Stephen/Zenith Automotive are super easy to follow and it didn’t take long at all. The rears are so easy to install (I had to jack my car up slightly to get them done as my Ridox skirts make it harder to access/see), and the hardest bit up front is removing the existing bolts either side. You’ll need a breaker bar if you can’t get access to an air gun which thankfully Matt let me
  7. Hi mate, it’s not Matt or M H Bodywork making/selling the jacking kits fella. It’s a company in Ireland called Zenith Automotive. Here’s a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/134255267114638/ You should get a reply from Stephen Keogh who I dealt with. Nice fella. You can find him here as well if that’s easier: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.keogh.1426
  8. I know they had some teething issues with getting the parts they needed, then they had issues with postage thanks to Brexit, but believe I’m the first customer to receive a set. I’d drop Stephen a message mate, he can get you sorted for the next batch. Thanks, these will pay for themselves in no time mate, had my sills straightened as they were bent and rusty like so many others I’m sure. Hoping the new puck system will prevent that from happening again which saves me money and is better for the car as well.
  9. Afternoon All, Not a lot to report on my build in terms of updates from Matt/ M H Bodywork, know he’s been grafting away, but no photos as yet. I know he got a nasty cut last week, so hoping he makes a speedy recovery. Wasn’t my car thankfully that injured his hand was lifting a van door and it was sharper than he realised and it slipped! Looked like a horror movie from the photo he sent me. Did have a very welcome and exciting delivery arrive the other day though. I saw these jacking systems advertised via FaceBook, company is Zenith Automotive up in Ireland. Chap I spoke with
  10. Welcome Hary, That was a lovely looking Pulsar you had, great colour and you can tell from the photo you really cared and cherished it. Best of luck with your search, I got my first Supra over a decade ago, was a U.K. spec auto in black that I converted to single turbo before selling to get on the property ladder. Missed that car so much that despite a number of nice cars after that, I finally got my hands on another late model Supra just over a year ago. It’s a work in progress with big plans, but main thing is I got another one. You won’t be disappointed as these are timeless, gre
  11. Congratulations Mark, looks like you got yourself a lovely example with some nice mods. Enjoy, and hope you can get the window scratches sorted. Looks stunning in white with the black wheels.
  12. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing your progress with this over time. We love photos and based on your plans, would be a good candidate for a build thread. Enjoy the car, looks like a good one.
  13. Good luck mate, keeping everything crossed for you!
  14. Excellent news! Well done mate, so deserved as you’ve been putting in the hours getting this done. Looks great and I love the wheels, looks great. Hope the paperwork and registration goes well and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour mate.
  15. Lol, guess it depends on your perspective mate. Wheels are almost £4k, so not too bad I guess when you think these keep them on the car. Sure there are cheaper options, but it’s the small details for me that make a build. I paid more from memory for the ones I had on my ISF.
  16. Thanks! Lol. Not cheap, but they came from Japan and they are genuine Work so wasn’t expecting them to be. Just under £120 from memory which isn’t too bad. Got them through Nengun Performance as Driftworks as the official Work U.K. distributor were out of stock.
  17. Hey Guys, So couple of small updates. My new wheel nuts finally arrived today. Went for a nice simple black RS Work nut which should suit the Work Meister’s when they finally arrive. On that subject, Driftworks have given me an ETA for the wheels to be built in Japan by mid-May. If you then add the 5-6 weeks for shipping, I reckon they will be in my possession sometime in early July. It’s not an exact science given the variables involved, but hopefully they will be worth the wait. In other news I ordered my TwinZ rear diffuser last night from the States. Think this should finish thi
  18. Looking good mate. Bloody clutch! lol. Those wheels should look stunning when they’re on with the gold and black, can’t wait to see it all together. Fingers crossed the clutch arrives soon mate.
  19. Looking good mate. Can’t wait to see the calipers and wheels back on the car, should look very nice!
  20. Really?! I was told 6-8 weeks! If it’s months I’m not going to be very happy! I ordered the Work Meister S1 3-piece.
  21. May have lost them and been replaced? Found a few ‘extra’ clips and screws when we tore mine down at the bodyshop! Lol.
  22. This, they attach the under bonnet insulation to the bonnet. The insulation gets brittle over time and due to heat, the retaining clips come loose.
  23. It’s never boring to receive parts for your Supra bud. Im still waiting on a load of stuff including my lug nuts which have at least left Japan now. Wheels according to my Driftworks account haven’t reached production stage yet, so God knows when they will turn up! Lol. You will get their my friend, these things take time if you want them done just right. If you didn’t have the small bits, you wouldn’t be able to finish it.
  24. Hey All, so small update from Matt this week. He’s been busy working on getting the rear bumper to sit and fit better. Not sure photos do this justice, but I can assure you there’s been some great work here, and the fit looks a lot better than it did before. Matt also noticed the support bar and some of the retaining clips are missing, in fairness, Lee told me about this when the car first went to SRD, so I’d already planned to have them fitted when the car was next with SRD, but that was before the quarter panel debacle and the decision to do a full metal respray! Lol. Lee has kind
  25. Impressive pace mate, hats off to you for accomplishing so much in such a relatively short period of time. That replacement bonnet is certainly an odd shade, drift car donor? Lol.
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