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  1. That’s a facelift sensor.... they typically come on those.
  2. no problem.... i thought it might have been one i seen on ebay. had no turbos on it etc. seen someone buy it and tried to sell it a few days later for a few grand more.
  3. where was the engine from? was it one with hks pulleys? was on ebay / facebook recently? i have used cams and a timing gear/sprocket in.....
  4. someone on here went to see it and had 2 pages of faults on it. also preface lift front end, the bulkhead is damaged so more likely had a hard crash boot floors been welded, looks like an aristo engine, the vin plates not original........
  5. Hi Rajah, i have new rear reinforcers in stock and also the fuel tank protectors too.... drop me a pm/call.... thanks
  6. They have been for years now! If a parts discontinued they write it off instantly. I do assessments all the time and this is always the case! I offer alternative solutions to not categorise them/write them Off and most don’t want to know. I.e facelift wings and headlights for a prefacelift car as no prefacelift wings, bumpers and headlights have not been avail for a couple of years. ive had them wrote Off for being keyed down both sides, one had the smallest of grazes on the door just into the Qtr , all sorts! The ins companies just want the quickest, cheapest way out.
  7. considering these now cost just shy of £5000 a pair new...... cheap really
  8. bit of an update from an insider for toyota.... those prefacelift headlights after some hard thinking from japan Toyota and my comments on their facebook pages etc..... they have kindly reduced the prices down to £2067.54 plus vat (£2481.05 inc) retail price.....
  9. Anyone thinking of selling?? anything considered...please pm or call me on 07769975299 or 01162 531233 All supras....na manuals, autos, tt's, aerotops etc etc....what have you got?? Thank you
  10. So as some of you know i was involved with the UK side of the heritage scheme with Toyota UK. There was some talk about a few parts being released such as door handles (which we don't need), brake boosters (we don't need) and pre facelift plastic headlights..... The eta on the headlights was Dec 2020, well now as of today, you lucky sods can buy the plastic pre-facelift headlights again...... HOWEVER.......they have a retail of £4902.68 EACH. I thought it was a joke / glitch at first and have been going back and forth with toyota uk about this and its confirmed that you can orde
  11. rear reinforcers are still avail though....uk retail is £180.54 currently.... Also headlights.... the only ones you can get now are facelifts which have a uk retail of £777.26 a pair...... both obviously cheaper via me etc.
  12. theres so much stuff being discontinued its unreal..... auto gearknobs now and also some brackets for the radiator/cowling mounting i found last week.....
  13. the first 2 numbers are facelifts which have always been available! so dont know why they put those on there.... the 2nd two pictures are prefacelift plastics but not avail yet..... they should be a some point but toyota havent confirmed a eta yet on these.... also shows a £4000 per lamp price as of now lol....
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