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  1. try some heat on it..... they are a right piss take to take out sometimes..... i had to weld something to it once to get it out......
  2. hi, yes i should have some in stock used.... ill have to check the condition but id imagine they will have rust.... afraid not sorry will do.... nothing yet though.... afraid not.... i had to scrape one together last week when one failed here.....
  3. Happy new year everyone..... Anyone thinking of selling anything they have? any condition......either pm me or call/message me on 07769975299 Thank you
  4. i have a facelift quicksilver vvti tiptronic in.... very nice and practically stock
  5. That boot blinds home made.... you can see the oem one inside it
  6. You also will need to take off the front bumper undertray if you have one fitted as there is a mount at the front too.
  7. keron


    will be a colour change.... yellow was a later option....and afaik not an option on a uk car??
  8. basically yes.... you cant just get the papers as its been certified as permanently exported. if it hadn't, then you can apply for the papers.
  9. if the cars been permanently exported as above, then the only way to get the papers is to re-register the car in the uk again from the start. you cant apply for the papers just like that once its been exported. to obtain a v5 logbook you'll have to mot the car and fill a v55/5 form etc....only a uk resident can do this. now with the uk leaving the car, if you do this you may have to pay vat/duty as well after the new year.....
  10. could be anything really.... ive found subframe bolts loose, brake pad issues (no retainer clips) or sticky calipers etc .... best to get someone to listen outside the car when you move it or get it on a ramp and have a good look over and check all the nuts/bolts as i always find loose bolts.... but by the sounds of it, it could just be the fact that the pad is stuck to the disc overnight if its very cold?
  11. Hi Guys, has anyone got any wheels going? can be stock turbo 16's or any 17's or 18's staggered fitment..... pm me if you have anything?? thank you
  12. Thanks guys Shipping to South Africa is £16 Royal Mail 1st class airmail Samurai 20v....pm me if you need one... thanks
  13. Hi guys...... So as some of you are probably aware, there is a very common fault with rhd supras where the low pressure end banjo pipe leaks as the exposed steel part corrodes and eventually splits. Toyota charge over £650 for the power steering pipe as they sell it as a whole only when you don't need the lot..... 80% of power steering leaks on the mkiv supra ive found comes from this end part (had to change 2 in the last two weeks alone) and sell loads of them, hence why ive made my own direct replacement kit that covers the area affected area that is the problem.... The k
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