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  1. jim_supra

    New member

    Welcome to the club
  2. jim_supra

    Project Pesto

    Very, very nice and a long way from where it started, will almost be a shame to get it dirty once it's back together!
  3. 1. More than likely the swap will involve a VVTi engine from an Aristo (as Supra engines rarely come up for sale these days) Assuming the engine comes with all ancillaries like turbos, alternator, power steering pump & reservoir, aircon unit, ignitor etc. then off the top of my head you'll need to source the following as well as the engine; Rear sump setup (budget £4-500 for this alone the way prices are going) TT engine ECU (If it doesn't come with the engine) Speedo dials from a TT car as the NA rev counter will not work properly with a TT engine (budget £2-300 for th
  4. jim_supra

    Project Pesto

    Looking forward to seeing the finished paint in full, will definitely be lurking for more pics! Are you still looking to keep it a completely standard car as it would have left the factory (except LSD as in your first post)?
  5. I have a TRD Spoiler with carbon blade and end caps, Facelift Rear lights, and a HVAC unit. I also have some facelift headlights that are split apart, part way through a refurb.
  6. Yes they are the ones, there should be 11 larger ones in the kit and 2 smaller ones. Almost all can be swapped out without taking anything else apart on your engine with the exception of your water pump, there's one that can't be accessed with the water pump in place (behind the thermostat housing on the side of the block) The way I did it was to use a punch and tap them at the bottom of the core plug, inside the recess of the plug and not the outer edge (to avoid damaging the sealing faces) the idea is to get them to swivel in situ so that you can get a pair of grips on them to pull
  7. Perhaps you're thinking of SPG's project Pesto? Looked very similar at the start of the project thread.
  8. Aaaand subscribe! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Welcome back as well.
  9. Great update, coming along nicely! Are you planning on replacing the core plugs while the engine is out? I'd recommend it as the core plugs themselves aren't expensive and the job is a hundred times easier to do with the engine out. Sort of future proofs the engine a bit more, and have seen a couple issues on here over the years where core plugs have gone due to age/ corrosion.
  10. I'm in Cottingham just outside of Hull
  11. There will always people who think the Supra should only have a 2JZ in it, then the people who think having an auto and not a manual is somehow sacrilege!
  12. jim_supra

    TT Springs

    Oh right, didn't know the springs were different between the two
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