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  1. Totally misread that! I saw the ''distance i'm running'' and still assumed he meant a car journey!
  2. I'm assuming you cannot use a USB adaptor for the cigarette lighter? or does your phone draw more power than the Cig lighter would give it? I use the below charger if i'm out and about for a long while, it's not the smallest (about the sames size as the phone, but will give plenty of charges (at least 3 full charges) and so i don't need to keep remembering to charge it back up all the time. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07S829LBX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There is a slimmer version of it, with half as much battery power, but will still give a go
  3. Not seen any for sale for a good few years, I personally sold a UK bumper with washers attached a couple years back for under £300 (bumper itself needed some work) No idea what value would be for them these days, but the OP should at least be prepared for a high price tag if someone does have them sat around -happy to be proved wrong on that one though! Best bet is to try and repair the ones currently on the car.
  4. I'm afraid you may struggle to get a replacement pair, very hard to come by used and not available new at all, plus if by chance someone does have a pair, be prepared to pay silly money for them! I wonder how easy it is to disassemble the washers themselves and replace the thread that's rusted away with something fabricated?
  5. Classic Line have agreed mine at 25k (NA-TT Aero like yours) and will be pushing for 30k at renewal back end of the year.
  6. I think he may mean a dip in the chassis rail under the black wire? if so then i wouldn't have thought that would be normal, either something has hit it from above and pushed it down, or movement in the chassis leg has started to fold it.
  7. Glad to hear it's not a completely bare shell but think there's still too many unknowns to make a firm decision on whether 10k would sort it. Do you have any pics of how the car stands now? Fingers crossed that, as you say, the damage isn't as bad as the pictures, as on the picture from the front the chassis legs (certainly the right one as you view it) look twisted/ bent.
  8. jim_supra


    I'll do much less colouring in the rice next time, normally just boil the rice with spices and turmeric in the water, fried it first with garlic and ginger and then boiled it down/ steamed it which was much better. The Madras was very nice, possibly a little too much Chilli thrown though in but still managed it. Made the wife a butter chicken as it would have blown her head off!
  9. Unfortunately It would likely cost a fortune in parts to get this where it needs to be, certainly with used parts prices being the way they are these days. For the shell alone there will be a considerable cost to put right. The chassis arms will have been bent for sure and need jigging. Plus there will be a fair amount of panel fabrication needed as there are a lot of body panels discontinued now, and trying to find used parts to pull off a scrapper will be difficult, as most will have had front impacts like the one you're looking at.
  10. jim_supra


    Thought I'd bump this and throw in my latest attempt, chicken Madras with Pilau rice. Got myself an aluminium pan recently, which does seem to make a difference to the curry. Tried to make a more colourful pilau rice, like my local takeaway does, but may have overdone it with the green food colouring!
  11. Yep, though problem is there'll be a bigger clown that will pay for it! If I ever come to sell the Supra, I think I'll be selling it in bits!
  12. Whilst the warranty issue is certainly true, and would be a nightmare should any part arrive defective, I'd be very interested to see how many people have actually received faulty genuine Toyota parts from amayama or others (even UK sources) I'd say the occurrence is extremely low and so risk is low.
  13. Oh right, so the one near me may still be doing the rounds somewhere Great story on how you came to own it!
  14. Just read this full thread again, never noticed the original pics from years ago when it was Castrol Liveried though. Did you get it from just outside of Hull? I used to regularly pass one very much like it parked in someones front garden, whilst on my way to work (good few years ago now), then one day was gone. I always wondered what happened to it.
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