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  1. Beautiful mate. Looks spot on.
  2. Congrats mate, engine looks superb and I’m sure my K-Sport’s will be up to the task of reeling in all that extra horsepower! Lol. If you can’t get the video to upload, PM me and you can send it over. Managed to upload video on mine a few times, so happy to help. Exciting times! Cheers. Pete
  3. Hey Folks, Small update, got a couple of photos of the Toucan from James at SRD. Not the best, as lighting was poor apparently, but you get the idea. Want to say a huge thank you to ‘Burna’ on here for getting me the new design mount sorted for the Toucan, looks bang on and keeps the dash clean and clutter free. Hoping the back order front U.K. caliper arrives this week, if so SRD will get those installed before I go and collect it ready for the drive to Reading on Saturday for the GT Tuners Club end of season event on Sunday. If all goes to plan I should be p
  4. Welcome back! Car looks lovely, I’d be inclined to stick with it as it is, just do the facelift headlights and front indicators as mentioned already. Only other thing would be twin turbo conversion, but that’s a lot of money! Don’t think you’d lose out doing it though (not many aerotop’s with widebody), but depends on your budget and goals really. Be nice with some carbon parts against the white paint, but again, that’s just my opinion. Let us know how you get on as it’s a great looking car regardless. Cheers. Pete
  5. Very nice! Must be happy with that mate. Great work.
  6. Bump. Coilovers now sold. Open to sensible offers on the boost controller and AEM AFR gauge. Boost controller was removed by SRD for another customer and bought by me to go BPU, but I’ve had to fit a SYVECS, so no longer needed. Comes with pipework and instruction manual as seen in the photo. AEM AFR gauge was new/never installed by the chap I bought it from. Again, got it for peace of mind when going BPU, but not needed as the SYVECS covers this for me. It’s been fitted on my car so I know it works. Both items are with SRD in West Sussex, so you can pick up from th
  7. Thanks Krimi. I’m really happy with those numbers, especially when you think it wasn’t that long ago I was having rich running issues and the car was down on power. Hopefully in addition to the ISF gearbox conversion and beefed up rear differential that should be going in early 2022, may have the funds to get the single conversion fitted. Won’t be able to run it to its full potential, but that can follow when I get the engine built. Like most things, as long as it’s moving forwards (no matter the pace) I’m happy.
  8. Thanks for this Mark. Hoping to get some photos of mine at the GT Tuner Club season finale show on the 24th. Do love these and I’ll probably get two this year now the garage is done.
  9. Hi mate. All coming along nicely. Nice progress and great to have a date booked for the glass to go back in. If it’s anything like mine, that was a major turning point. Everything seemed to go back together pretty quickly after that. Looks like a nice job on the paint, you pleased with it?
  10. That’s the plan mate. We proved it was a strong box when I supercharged my ISF, the shifts are much quicker as you’d expect for newer technology. Add the SYVECS control and a nice single setup and it should make for quite the package.
  11. I sold/swapped the ISF for the Supra mate, so would be only 1 when I get Lee to fit a new ISF box to my Supra. Guessing they’ve done a few now, think it may help mine is no longer tiptronic, went for the Aygo paddle shift conversion, so technically it’s not a tiptronic now. Gather from Lee the gearbox control was still an issue, but think they are getting there with it now.
  12. Thanks Matthew. Made my day reading this, been a true labour of love, but Matt at M H Bodywork did an amazing job with the bodywork and paint. Glad you liked it and I agree it does look a lot better in the metal. Hoping to see it again myself fairly soon. The SYVECS has worked wonders, and it’s almost ready for me to collect according to Lee. Can’t wait! Should be at the GT Tuner Club final show the season event in Reading in two weeks time. Be nice to see how people react to it as there will be some incredible cars attending.
  13. Pretty well I think mate, still giving the guys some grief, but think they are getting it figured out. Hopefully won’t be long until the ISF gearbox conversion so they will need to re-do it then anyway.
  14. Morning Folks, So car is going from strength to strength now it has the new brain controlling things. Mike at SRD was busy tuning the map yesterday and also setting things up so I can run TTC or sequential mode. Notes at the top of the graphs. Works out at roughly 470hp and 400ftbs. Think even SRD are surprised how well it’s making power. Love how smooth the curve is and it’s making power in all the right places. Hopefully not too long till I can go and collect it. Big thanks to Lee, Mike, James and the SRD team for getting things working so well. Super pleased. I
  15. Think you’re missing my point. New Pure Sport mats are as you say super rare and very expensive. If you don’t have any gold bars lying around to buy those, these are I think the next best alternative. Agree it’s impossible to say if they will wear as well as OEM ones, but based on feel and quality I think they should do. It’s just my opinion, buyer will need to make their own mind up.
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