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  1. Afternoon All, So another video today from Matt at M H Bodywork, diffuser, mirrors, TRD end pieces all painted and looking lovely. That I believe is all the smaller stuff done now, so only the shell left to paint before we can start re-assembly. Can’t wait! Love the two tone on the diffuser, pretty sure that’s another unique touch that should really pop when it’s all back together. Enjoy your weekends all. IMG_1283.MP4
  2. Nice Krimi! Love a bit of steering wheel porn! Lol. Looks lovely mate, look forward to seeing some photos once you get it installed.
  3. Hi and welcome! Wow! Does look like you have a lot of work to do on this one, nice colour though and sounds like you’re getting it back to good health. Keep it up and look forward to seeing updates.
  4. Hey Krimi, Always nice to receive parts, not so nice when they are broken! That windscreen reminds me of a Samsung TV I got back after they replaced the screen under warranty. The delivery drivers thought it was a good idea to put it between a couple of fridges..... Hope the replacement is in better shape buddy.
  5. Morning All, Got a nice video from Matt yesterday, he’s painted the rear bumper, door handles and fuel filler flap. Just leaves the diffuser to paint and we should be left with just the shell to paint before re-assembly can begin in earnest. Really excited now and that colour is sooo nice! IMG_1278.MP4
  6. Hi! Congrats on securing a deal, look forward to seeing another good build thread very soon. Keep us posted on the parts front, always good to have options and see some new ideas to help keep these beasties alive!
  7. Hi mate, Do you need OEM mirrors in exchange, or have you already got some? I have good used electric folding mirrors here in 202 black that I may swap with some cash if that’s of any interest? If not, PM me best price delivered to Kent and I’ll see what I can do mate. Really want a set of Ganador mirrors, but they are crazy expensive and out of my budget for now at least! Lol. Cheers. Pete
  8. Many thanks. Steering wheel trim arrived yesterday, here’s a sneak peek of it re-fitted and looking amazing! Can’t wait to get this installed and the paddles wired up to replace the tiptronic buttons.
  9. Thanks mate, has been a major undertaking for sure, but the results are going to be well worth it. Really looking forward to getting it back, hoping to have it out for some shows later this year. Aim is ‘Go Japan’ at Brands Hatch which is on the 26th September. It has some more work booked and paid for at SRD Tuning, so fingers crossed it comes back from Matt soon. Any work to help preserve and keep these icons working right and lasting longer is important mate, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. :)
  10. Afternoon All, So Matt has been working flat out over the weekend and has now got the rear bumper and diffuser fitting nicely and primed for paint. Just waiting on the black mesh to arrive so I can drop that off for the diffuser. Hopefully it can then get painted ready to re-install once the shell is painted. Then we are on to re-assembly and me getting it back! Check out the work at the rear quarter panels with the carbon lower section of the Ridox panel. Think the cut off and fade looks epic personally. The diffuser is not attached here, just held in place with the trolley ja
  11. Welcome to the build section, glad to see you’ve chosen to hold on to it, chances of getting another one are slim to non-existent, especially with this spec and drivetrain as an aerotop. I see from the previous owner’s video he liked a ‘V8’ badge! (Think I counted 4 at least!) Lol. The ‘’Lexus’ badge was a bit much on the back as well, but it’s each to their own I guess! Sounds like this car is in good hands and hopefully will stay that way for a while. Look forward to seeing updates.
  12. Glad it’s base mapped, shame about the tapping noise, hopefully nothing too sinister!
  13. Had some update photos from Matt, he’s been busy getting the fit and finish right on the TwinZ diffuser. Plan is to use some black mesh in the centre, should finish it off nicely. Getting close to paint now which I am so looking forward to seeing.
  14. Thanks. Indeed, Alan has been such a joy to work with, lots of updates, quick turnaround, skilled workmanship. I’d happily use him again for other bits.
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