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  1. So Matt has moved back over to the drivers side. Glad we did decide on the new rear quarter panel, you can see where they replaced it previously, hence the thick paint and ripple effect we saw originally.
  2. Did SRD get them blasted or did you arrange it yourself mate? Just interested as may be something I need doing myself in the not too distant future.
  3. Very nice mate. 👍 Want to do my subframes at some point so watching with interest. You going with OEM replacement bushes or poly ones?
  4. Had some fresh photos today, Matt has finished up the passenger side and roof, now in primer and looking rather lovely.
  5. Morning All, First off great work by the mods getting the new forum up and running, my photos are all now working and I personally love the new look. Here are a couple more photos of the rear passenger side quarter, which Matt has expertly shaped and blended with the Ridox kit. I’m really pleased with the workmanship and skills going in to the car, think it’s shaping up to look incredible. More updates will follow soon hopefully. Good weekend all.
  6. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. mwilkinson x2 3. Jackie Silver x 4 4. Ellis x3 5. 96sz 6. Mo Reviews x3 7. Josh42 x2 8. Luxluc x2 9. Wile e coyote x2 10. Soopra 11. Tayr 12. Griffsplace 13. Supra-Love 14. KamaSupra x2 15. MrGtr 16. Supra_scott 17.PJJ 18. Madbull2255 x2 19. Bradleyh_15 20. Max5437 x4 21. m12aak 22. Inazone x2 23. Peter P
  7. Now sold. Mods please remove/delete. :thumbs:
  8. How about a Toyota Auris? Keeps it in the Toyota family and my little 1.6 Auto is nice and easy to drive and seats four comfortably. Boot is like a tardis, and I love it for daily use. Mine is a 2011 with under 40k miles on the clock. :) Struggling to upload a photo, but PM me your email address if you want to have a look mate. :thumbs:
  9. Nice to see this went to a good home. Phil is a perfectionist and a great guy to boot. Saw the sale post and new it wouldn’t hang around long. Huge congrats and sounds like you are going to cherish it and do right by it as well. :thumbs:
  10. Welcome! Looks like a nice example that has had some nice mods and work done to it. Ridox kit for one. Guessing you bought it as seen in the photo? Sounds like you have plans for it including a turbo kit at some point which is nice to see. Do get some more photos up if you can mate. All the best, Pete
  11. Bump - price reduced to £150ovno including delivery in U.K. Last chance to save a nice £77 off retail price before I list on eBay or similar. Cheers. Pete
  12. Afternoon All, Selling a brand new/unopened Momo Jet 350mm steering wheel I bought from Driftworks back in March 2020 for £227. Haven’t even opened the box (photo is the same type but from Driftworks site), so will be delivered as new. I’m going a different route with my setup so hoping to get £170 plus P&P, or buyer can collect from Kent observing social distancing rules etc. Still a nice £57 saving if you want a nice new steering wheel. Please note this is only the steering wheel so you’ll need to sort out a boss kit/hub adaptor to fit it. PM if you need any more detail
  13. Thank you mate. Guess it’s a bit like when you gut a house and rebuild it, the foundations are now in good shape so every step from here forward should have it coming together again nicely. Does scare me seeing it back to bare metal, but knowing the finish and quality of work Matt does, should be epic when it’s all done.
  14. Hey All, So few more progress photos this week from Matt / M H Bodywork. Looks like the passenger side is coming together nicely now after the guys stripped the 8 or so coats of paint off the rear quarter panel (same deal with the door as I posted previously!).The blending of the side skirts are rear quarter spats also looks great. Think things are coming along rather nicely.
  15. Fair enough mate. Who did you get the Hypertune from? SRD or someone else?
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