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  1. You really should mate, love mine so much I have Harry working on my headlights now as well! Such a good bloke and his work is top notch.
  2. Thanks mate, so pleased with how this came out, car is going to look stunning! Thanks Krimi, Matt has done such a good job masking the vents, the transition between the remaining carbon and the new paint is seamless. Another nice touch will be the mesh in the vents which Matt is going to paint black (they came silver) and he’s also adding some extra fixing to them, as the tabs they are held in with are weak and prone to snapping off (as I found with the ones on my ISF carbon bonnet). Honestly can’t stop watching this video and smiling from ear to ear! Lol.
  3. Just going to leave this here. Hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I did! IMG_1096.MP4
  4. So as promised, the bonnet has been painted today! Here are some photos Matt sent me, think it looks stunning! So pleased with colour and can’t wait to see it all done. Notice the attention to detail around the carbon sections, Matt did such a great job masking it off and the finish looks amazing! Happy isn’t the word!
  5. Evening All, Another little update from Matt today, he’s got the doors and boot lid all prepped and primed, hoping to paint the bonnet tomorrow, so first part with the new colour! Can’t wait!
  6. Yes! In fairness saying it isn’t much to go off, when they arrive and I can get them on the car and take photos, that’s when it’ll be exciting! Love this colour, this with the carbon and grey theme should look stunning. I think that’s probably an accurate conclusion mate, hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer.
  7. Thanks Noz. Careful what you wish for! Think you’ll REALLY like my new wheels in that case. .
  8. So quick update, got the rear Carbing brace and air con delete bracket back from Inspraytion today. Think they’ve done a great job yet again, looking forward to seeing them installed.
  9. Thanks mate! Glad you’re enjoying the build, please check back as should be plenty of updates in the next couple of months.
  10. I hear you buddy, mine was similar in that I had a dodgy spot on the drivers side rear quarter, when Matt stripped back the paint we found the awful repair that led to me getting a whole new rear quarter from Paul at Whifbitz. Colour is going to be dark metallic grey, so should suit the blended finish nicely.
  11. Looking good Ric, shame it’s not been able to go anywhere, but same for most folks I guess. Hopefully things get back to some sort of normal soon though, be nice to have some shows and meets later in the year.
  12. Thanks Ric. I’ll let you know how I get on mate, hoping it won’t be an issue, but may have to resort to getting the Dremmel out if it’s an issue. I’ll post up here how I get on with it.
  13. I did consider this, Matt assured me the filler used to bond the skirts is a specific type that has enough flex to prevent cracking. The fact the car has been given plenty of time to settle properly before seeing any paint also helps. A lot of cars suffer cracking due to not having enough time to settle/go off properly before being painted. Agreed, it’s a risk, but one I am willing to take having discussed it at length with Matt and having some comfort that the filler used is one specifically made to give enough flex to avoid cracking under normal use. Obviously if I hit something all
  14. Cheers guys, it’s coming along nicely now. Noz, why are you surprised about me blending the skirts? I’ve seen so many that aren’t blended and the stuck on look wasn’t for me mate, it’s a choice thing, but think they look better blended personally. Dropped the rear brace and air con delete bracket down to my good friends at Inspraytion this morning, looking forward to seeing more parts finished up in the dark copper, hopefully not too much longer till the car is back and I can start getting things fitted!
  15. Thanks Krimi, means a lot mate. Hopefully see some paint going on this week, can’t wait! Cheers. Pete
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