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  1. Looking amazing mate, that’s got to be one of the cleanest stock looking white Supra’s around, you’ve done a great job cleaning it up. Nice one.
  2. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Luke, I bought the carbon engine bay covers and they arrived today. Pleasure to deal with and would happily buy from again and recommend to others. Thanks again Luke.
  3. Impressive! That seat delivery time is seriously good. Who’d you use out of interest? I’m happy with my Recaro’s, but think it’s good to share when someone does a good job and that’s really fast! They do look the part, bet you can’t wait to get them in, did the subframes arrive at the same time?
  4. Working on it mate, will let you know when I’m back on the road and ready to go.
  5. May explain why we are all drawing a blank! lol. Mine was only put back together recently from the respray and I don’t recall seeing anything like that. Love the new wheels, hurry up and get those bad boys fitted so I can see some photos.
  6. I’ll take the engine bay covers mate. PM me to sort price etc.
  7. Glad yours fitted mate, still waiting to hear back from Whifbitz on mine. Had to send them measurements and clearly mine isn’t right. Given these aren’t cheap, would like some sort of help getting it replaced.
  8. Hi Greg, Sorry if I missed it, but how much do you want for the kit? Didn’t see a price unless I’m being thick?
  9. Going back to page 1 it was supraturbochris, but not sure if he’s still around? Know the Bailey’s have done a fair few of these meets in the recent past, but when you look at this thread it went quiet around the time of the pandemic.
  10. Sadly mine won’t be ready for this meet, but 100% up for future meets when I get it back. Hoping late August/September I will have it back.
  11. No worries mate, seems likely I may miss out this year as well I reckon. Hoping car is back together and ready to use by September, but not a lot of shows or events happening around then sadly. No idea if the Bluewater meets are ever going to happen again, seems like this thread has been quiet for ages.
  12. Nice! I went 3 piece S1 with copper barrel, grey centre and black hardware mate. Should look the business!
  13. Looking good mate. Remind me which wheels you went for? I’m still waiting on my Work’s, should be mid-August hopefully! Exciting times when you’re getting ready for paint.
  14. Afternoon Folks, Just wondering if we had any plans to start doing these meets again anytime soon? My car isn’t likely to be back on the road till late August, but be good to see some folks and start doing some meets when it’s ready. Hoping I can also do Go Japan at Brands Hatch in September if anyone’s interested in attending? Maybe we could convoy down together. Cheers. Pete
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