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  1. Bump Added a couple of items and dropped £100 off the price of the head
  2. I had to pop in to SRD today...whilst I was drooling over my engine bay etc I couldn't help but sneak a peak at your car. Next thing I knew I was walking laps around the thing and had forgotten about my car altogether. It looks SO much better in person, the paint is fantastic.
  3. Looks great, I was torn between the Grannas kit and a V161 recently. I went the other way for a couple of reasons such as the reports of rattles etc but I think they've been sorted with a new cast bell-housing? It seems that's the one that you've got? Seems miles better than the old steel housing.
  4. Oh really, I'll see what mine ends up like then. You'll have to pop some pics up of the system and most importantly a video
  5. Is the plan for this to replace the rear back box then rather than in addition to? I will have mine back soon with the Whifbitz single box, I'm apprehensive as most people reckon it's too loud and here you are going louder
  6. There’s a chap in the states currently dropping a Tesla drivetrain in one. He’s on Instagram, username ‘stuckinhe90s’ It’s not finished yet edit: Ric beat me to it. It hadn’t refreshed my end haha
  7. Thanks for the offer mate but my current one has been modified for a pod. That’s what I’m trying to undo
  8. As per title I need a drivers side a-pillar trim and also the metal cage that bolts behind the dash panel for a stereo to fit in to Thanks
  9. 3in Whifbitz decat pipe. In good condition. £90 2jz - GE head Rebuilt a couple of years ago, only done circa 2k miles. Complete with cams etc. £400 o.n.o £300 o.n.o OEM Toyota crank pulley - Genuine Replaced a couple of years ago. Only done circa 2k miles. In good condition. (Got to be a better buy than a new pattern part). £60 Genuine Toyota Pre-facelift engine mounts Just the rubber portion, not the part that bolts to the block. Used and unknown age but appear to be in good condition. £60
  10. Car looks fantastic Peter, I am completely in love with the colour! Shame about the run of bad luck you've been having recently but it certainly looks the part and the rest will fall in to place in no time I'm sure. Keep up the updates
  11. Part 36 - It's all coming together Lee has sent me a few pics of the engine as it now stands, the new manifold is on and looks brilliant. You can see a few other nice bits; TRD engine mounts, Radium AN fittings, Titanium fittings on the manifold and the ridiculously sized screamer (now 60mm turbosmart). I've then had some updates from Paul Cheshire who I chose to supply the gearbox. I've followed Paul for the past 12 months online and his attention to detail is impeccable, coupled with the fact that Lee also recommended him and he offers a
  12. I sit on the fence a little with this and can only give my opinion having now gone through a few set-ups. 1) I initially ran an XS-Power set up. It did what was asked of it, at circa 450bhp. Like Noz, I did have to mess around with it a bit; I had to have the face skimmed and the wastegate changed to a v-band. I then decided to go with a bigger turbo... This was the end of the road for the XS power as it would not work with a BW S366, the turbo was too large, fouled on a runner and wouldn't fit at all. 2) I therefore bought a Walton manifold. This fit
  13. Thanks mate 620 at the wheels mate - SOLD NOW Thanks all for the interest
  14. Collection from SRD tuning or delivery at buyers expence
  15. For sale; I have a 2jz ge (NA) turbo kit. It's made up of high quality parts and each has only seen circa 300miles on the car. Would rather sell the whole lot as is at the moment Walton Motorsports manifold T4 Borg Warner S366 turbocharger T4 1.00ar Custom downpipe fits to stock location for midpipe/2nd decat (heat wrapped as pictured) Turbosmart pro-gate 50mm wastegate Screamer pipe Gloss black intake pipe with k&n filter (the filter is older than 300miles but was re-oiled then) Oil feed and return lines made by SRD tu
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