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  1. Haha thanks, it's not dissimilar to yours in fairness and yours is hardly slow at 700bhp Thanks for reading Yeah I guess it's been a real rollercoaster of emotions, quite literally. Indeed, the arches were rolled way back when I got the wheels. It doesn't scrub at all now though.
  2. Love this project. You've had your fair share of issues but I'm glad there's light ahead now That really does seem to tick over nicely now, no rattles whatsoever. Good luck with running in etc
  3. Thanks. Yeah I'm pretty pleased too haha. eBay seller mate. There's a few breakers yards on there. I think I paid like £600 but that included delivery. A lot more expensive than my last GE engine which was free haha. Haha sometimes it has felt exactly like the pits of hell but I guess the car's been a constant factor in my life over the past 7 years....as has it being broken haha. Thanks for the well wishes, fingers crossed it will Honestly...I just want it to work....I want it to work so, so badly and to keep working for a long time now. That really is my big
  4. Part 34 - Back on track? I hope so! SRD are going to save her! Lee has taken on the unenviable task of practically starting again haha. What with the upgrades he did last year there won't be much in the bay that's not SRD approved by the end of this This fills me with great confidence though and I'm really happy he's taken it on. First thing was to source a vvti engine. I did so online (unseen) and fortunately it paid off. Despite arriving on Lee's doorstep held on simply with clingfilm (no straps or ties) it stayed in one piece. Lee and the te
  5. Part 33 - Weighing up my options So the last update was almost a year ago now which unfortunately means another year the car has sat unused and sad. I have to say though, I appreciate the positivity from other members above and via PM, it is actually quite uplifting knowing people are rooting for you so to speak haha. It was recovered home whilst I pondered my options. I think it's fair to say that since the last update a LOT has changed in my life in general. The car blew up just as my other half and I were discussing a house purchase....timing
  6. I use the same larger one that Jim said about. During some 24+hr shifts at work where I'm talking on the phone and using navigation almost none stop it's a life-saver and it's been faultless. Charges quickly too, I've had some packs that can't keep up with the usage of stuff like Waze but not so with this. It's even been dropped and battered a fair bit and still works flawlessly.
  7. I’ll likely split my engine soon at which point I’ll have some available AN fittings are fitted. Baffles were drilled and tapped. Has been Powdercoated though in gloss black
  8. Can't help I'm afraid...but after you've sourced one if there's a second seller out there with one I need one too
  9. Do you use one yourself? Their advert one on a Scooby sounds impressive. I like the idea of a 4in version that would massively reduce the noise of my car on the way to/from the house
  10. Hi all, Hope this is allowed but I'm looking for an idea on the value of my car The car is an NA Supra that has had a series of upgrades including gearbox, diff, fueling, ignition and intake. The parts used, as you will see, are high quality and support the power that it made. It recently made circa 700bhp after being mapped by SRD. Unfortunately the other week I was driving it when there was a knocking noise I quickly pulled over, identified the noise as one from the bottom end and turned the car off. I've considered fixing it, pulling the engine, salvaging what I can fro
  11. If I was to sell it, as is, with a broken engine but everything else in tip/top shape, what do people think it would be worth? I appreciate the engine is very much an unknown and as a result it's worth thinking of it as if there is no engine but everything else is present and correct 94 NA shell etc Resprayed with carbon boot etc Rebuilt R154 TRD Diff S366 turbo FSM inlet FSM dizzy delete 850cc injectors Updated fuel system, wiring etc BC coilovers LS400 brakes XXR wheels with new tyres etc, etc, etc
  12. Yeah the trip's a complete write off now, certainly not happening in any capacity unfortunately. I don't have a suitable back-up vehicle this time round so hotels/tunnel etc is all lost. I've had a quote through. To remove it, forge an engine, re-install and map again...It's a LOT of money. There won't be any engine warranty whatsoever, considering all the issues I've had previously though, you're spot on when you say I would avoid him. I'm not sure if the Link logs unless you ask it to, I'll have to do some digging regarding that. I've done a lot of sleeping on it and I'
  13. Part 32 - The end of the road So SRD did their thing, mapping seemed to go very well with the car making.... 600whp or circa 720bhp at the fly I can't remember the torque figure off the top of my head but it was very very impressive. I will scan the graph in and post if anybody is interested. If I said I was happy that would be a huge understatement, I was so excited to pick it up and went as soon as it was ready. Arriving at SRD they gave me an incredible handover, a thick document of aftercare and a full detail
  14. Few parts available, collection from Aylesbury - North London, postage at extra cost. Battery Tray (Used but complete and intact) - £20 Battery post and clamp (Used but complete and intact) - £20 Battery positive terminal (Nearly new) - £5 GE Fuel rail (x3 available, 2 stock and 1 painted silver) - £30 each GE lower inlet (stock) - £15 GE Cam covers (Black, need painting again really) - £50 GE coil covers (stock, used and signs of wear, intact) - £25 GE coil leads (used but working when removed) - £35 GE Igniter (used but working when removed) - £15
  15. Part 31 - Time for mapping With the car at SRD and an ever looming trip to Europe (inc Nurburgring) Lee and the team began making progress on the car almost instantly. The first thing that I noticed was the amount of updates. Lee made sure that I received regular photos and knew how much progress was being made. VERY grateful and a very different experience to others I've had. So a few photos of the progress were as follows; The one job I did ask of SRD, was for them to supply one of their 4in intercooler cores and to fabricate the intercooler
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