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Good Afternoon Everyone


Just a brief outline about ourselves so we're TCB Performance Parts Limited I know a lot of yourselves will know of ourselves already of course

however for those of you who don't know us then we're the longest established specialist around in our specialist models which are the Toyota Celica, Supra and MR2's, we've been in business for 31 years!

Starting off initially only dealing with second hand parts and then as time passed we branched out into the new items, now we stock one of the widest choice of parts variety on the shelf here which is expanding all the time, we also can purchase any required items specially for customers, which if frequently wanted we end up stocking on the shelf here, we do brand new Genuine Toyota parts at the best prices around! as well as high quality pattern parts at fantastic prices :)

in the last few years meet to ever growing demand for performance parts we have expanded into this as well offering a big range of performance items from all major names / manufacturers around, you name it we can get it really! and if we can't then I will try my very best to source it for you!

we do have our website at www.tcbparts.co.uk and facebook page at www.facebook.com/tcbperformanceparts, the website is unfortunately out of date so some prices will have gone up others gone down and we have a vast selection which isn't on the website, we do have an ecommerce website which I'm working hard to try to get up and running as quickly as possible, however populating it is an incredibly difficult task by myself

If you have any parts requirements, comments, or require assistance please contact myself here, via social media, email or phone and I'll be very glad to help out

it's a pleasure to be here on the MKIV owners club and I very much look forward to getting to know some of yourselves better and assisting with your parts requirements

Thank You

Paul Pridham (TCB)

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