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  1. Welcome mate, get some pictures up of your pride and joy
  2. Looks fantastic mate, so happy for you. Can’t wait to see it finished
  3. Got the hubs back all painted up, time for some new bearings
  4. As above I have a B03B diff, prop and drive shafts for sale. I will get more pictures or videos if required. £3000 plus postage IMG_0478.MOV IMG_0477.MOV
  5. I will be getting another hypertune it’s just I need a bigger throttle body so getting another. Drop me a DM if you want a price as I’m sure it will be cheaper than buying new
  6. Will run 15” when doing any drag events and alike but for general road usage will be the CCW. Yeah I like the hypertune and I am getting another
  7. Yes CCW classics and maybe due to covid but may also be due to the fact they are made to order not just off the shelf
  8. I will also be changing the inlet as I will be going for a larger inlet so if anyone is interested in the one in the pictures let me know. It’s never been run it’s just been bolted to the engine
  9. Yesterday I finally got to order some wheels. I was let down by a company in the uk as they kept changing the pricing on me, then wouldn’t do the .5 size I requested after initially saying they would so went for some CCW’s. Let’s hope they suit the car
  10. Believe me it’s very expensive but well worth while
  11. Yes, I’m still here and still in the same car just going through a few changes this was me
  12. Thanks mate, will hopefully be completed in the next 4/5 months so hopefully get some more updates if I get some time off work with all this lockdown and covid bollox
  13. Will get a picture as soon as it’s all fitted mate
  14. A couple of carbon goodies arrived from whifbitz
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