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  1. Will have a look tomorrow/ Wednesday when I’m up my workshop next. Can’t see it being difficult to get a spacer made up. Know enough people with 3D printers and this would save a substantial amount of money. Will let you know as soon as I know
  2. You got a link to his page as I can’t find it under M H body work
  3. There was a group buy but they never messaged or anything to tell me
  4. I would say it’s 3mm to long
  5. The one I got was to deep so maybe a spacer would be worth while to make it work?
  6. Jspec rear callipers refurbished and rebuilt for when they are needed
  7. I used to love supra pod, even the year of supra pond was good to meet members that you chat to on here. Even the lads from Scotland coming down for them
  8. I hope so mate will see in a few month time
  9. Slight delay with the wheels to be expected I suppose given the current climate
  10. How much for door cards if they are in mint condition
  11. Iv ordered one and will get back to you if it fits
  12. Front right is NTK AB1612
  13. Rock auto list this NTK AB1647 sensor as a front left abs sensor. They don’t have any in stock but this is on eBay
  14. Sweet mate, I look forward to seeing the build thread
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