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  1. Welcome! Get some pics up!
  2. James Hart on Facebook, I believe his profile photo is one of those 1000hp red with yellow top you cars!
  3. AC93

    The MkV

    I quite liked the MKV when I drove one at Thruxton. I could tell it was putting out more than the stated 335hp, I just found it way over priced. When I put my depo down in the dealership they told me high 30's, low 40's.. when it was £52k! The interior was a let down too, if they put their own interior it would appeal to me more ...but it's exactly the same as a 3 series diesel I had. Good car, drives well and a good engine, but not worthy of the 'Supra' badge, it's just not special enough!
  4. Thats interesting to see how it gets mapped. My Borg is only a S364 0.88, it's on full boost at 4k and holds till 7500rpm, on my dyno sheet the torque starts to drop off after 6500rpm (VVTi, cams, forged bottom) Good to hear - guess I better start saving up for brakes!
  5. Looks good! Be interesting to see how the turbo balances fast spool and maintain top end power.. what AR is the spooly? How are the K sports with Ferodo pads? I'm in 2 minds on what BBK to choose!
  6. +1 for TCB Always been helpful with all my orders!
  7. Hi guys, I have the OEM double din in my room of bits, is it worth anything? Thanks, AC
  8. Hi all, After the below if anyone has them for sale? Thanks
  9. AC93

    Diff price

    I will give you £500 ...sold sold sold!
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