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  1. Oh bugger, I missed seeing this
  2. Contact Banzai Rally, they might have a space or 2 left!
  3. AC93

    Focus ST

    I had a MK2 ST3 5 door for a couple years, that 2.5T engine is amazing, you will love it. Mine had the RS clutch and was a stage 1. Absolute torque monster and was great to drive, would tag along with 996 911 Carreras all day long. I was doing a 250/300 miles a week and it never gave me a problem, never broke down once! ! The Recaro seats are really comfortable (heated as standard with the ST-3), big boot and wasn't ever uncomfortable for me and my bad back! Good on the motorway and B roads, the handling was impressive, one of the best FWD cars I've owned. But it's a really good cruiser t
  4. AC93


    Eagle F1's are pretty good, I've had them for years on my daily and the Supra. Got a good deal on Michelin PS4's last year and in the wet (accelerating and braking) they were a noticeably better than the GY's. But in the dry it's marginal, both are good when warm and they hook, F1's were more comfortable and quieter. I've had consistent results across various 18" tyre sizes 225/235/245/255/275 and 285
  5. Should be fine, On the DVLA site as soon as you remove the private plate you'll get a code which you can put straight on to the new Supra. There are instances where if the vehicle hasn't been taxed, or had a period of being untaxed in the last few years it won't like then you'll have to send it by post.
  6. Racewars was on Saturday just gone (Aug 7th) so trundled to the airfield with Dave - @Dave_Batch to see what our cars would do in the mile! My best on the day was: 12.25s 1/4 mile at 124mph (medium boost) 18.8s 1/2 mile at 155mph (medium boost) and 178mph top speed (different runs) Gutted I didn't hit my 180mph target but I had a rubbish launch on that one, was 5mph down at the 1/2 mile. I know if I launched as well as I did on the last run it would have done ~181-184mph, so that's the target for next time! Dave did extremely well considering he's just 500hp at 1 ba
  7. Now it was just about getting the car ready for Racewars! I did some fully throttle logs on all the boost settings, thanks again to Mike at SRD for checking them over and confirming everything was okay and no adjustments needed! Got the tracking aligned on the front (rear bolts were seized solid, only just out of spec so will get them done another time, new bolts are ready to go on when I have a free weekend) 1 week to go! Noticed a small coolant drip from the top rad hose and a weep on the exhaust rocker cover. Luckily some overnight parts from SRD and a couple hours later we
  8. You may notice the new wheels! I was driving around and there was sudden flood rain.. you can see where this is going! I went through a tunnel (dry road) come out on a bend where it was wet and it just went sideways on the dual carriageway. It wanted to do a full 180 but caught it left, right, left, right, snaking and then the bend ended and SMACK! I got out the car to check the damage and front wheel was cracked/chunk missing ..good ol' Rotas! Before I could get back in the car a black undercover BMW pulled up behind me, lights on and started nosing around the car .. the cracked
  9. So after I had the brand new AC pump on all was well ..for about 30mins of driving. Then it seized again! I couldn't believe it! Broke down outside a school, at a junction corner about a mile from home, luckily I had a jump pack with me, got it started, done a 3 point turn and died again . Jumped it again and drove back in 2nd at 3k rpm and made it to the end of my road where it died again... So I just pushed it down the road and into the drive! Now this was confusing how a brand new £300 pump failed .. all since I changed the HVAC fuse. Mike at SRD saw my Instagram story and as
  10. Just checked the reg, but my friend had L779 HAA
  11. AC93


    I'll be on the Banzai Rally stand with a bunch of Supras
  12. Firstly you need to decide on a budget Budget for ECU, injectors, exhaust, intercooler, sensors etc. W58 won't do 50 0hp, R154 or V160/1 or BMW conversion would be needed. You can save money from not buying cams, stock cams will make that power easily, just do a compression test, get a GTE headgasket and boost it!
  13. AC93

    Beware of ATF

    Wow, that's a long time and string of doctors! Hopefully the new doc gets your on the road to recovery and clear your skin up!
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