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  1. I made 616whp at 1.6bar thanks to Mike ..Manley 9.5:1 pistons and rods, 264 cams, Borg S364, FIC1000's and tubular manifold My VVTi helps with spool and torque, 0.88 AR and full boost at 4k, I don't feel like my NA-T is laggy at all.
  2. I assume so, I haven't checked the oil temp while driving, but I am getting a cheap laptop to keep with me on all my drives. But my Skoda vRS that I just sold had an oil temp display in the dash and that would get to between 95 and 103 degrees? They usually do, but this was the only sized gloves available for £7 a few months back, I'm not paying £20 a pack
  3. Little update: My Bilstein OEM suspension finally arrived from Germany a last week! Hopefully get that all put together and on the car this month when the weather allows. Should stop the scrubbing and give me some comfort and can get the alignment all sorted with the new bolts and washers for front and rear camber. Only issue I've had is a leaky oil feed line and return. This was due to the poor Walton manifold , the turbo doesn't sit as well as it should, it was hard to spot as it's under the turbo, but went to take it to work and could smell oil so took it home and investigated a
  4. Not a great pic, but on my old TT Auto I put the SRD gearbox cooler just Infront of the rad. Plenty of airflow, didn't cause adverse affects to anything else and protected nicely by the bumper lower grill Still there now with the current owner 4 years later
  5. AC93

    Lexus V8TT?

    Yeh the details are a bit vague, it says it may be configured as a V6 on inline
  6. AC93


    Might be a bit bloaty?.. Usually the max on a 9.5J is 275, stock 9.5 TT wheels are 255
  7. I'll have a pair soon, how much do they go for these days?
  8. Hi, I have a 5L bottle of Toyota ATF. I bought this just before Christmas for my Aristo, but sold the Aristo. £25 collected from Luton, Bedfordshire or St Albans Thanks,
  9. Very nice, love a clean red Supraa
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