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Brad’s SRD big build supra


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So I’ve owned my supra for quite some time now and 5 years ago I took it off the road to do an engine build. However as life loves to throw shit at you I had a few issues and the build was delayed as I ended up having a year off work and spent the £30k I had saved to do the rebuild.


As it stood before being taken off the road




However during that period it was dry stored in my workshop and slowly stripped down to a complete bare shell with just the front window left to be taken out. As you can see gathering a lot of dust







I made the decision that I would go for a high horse power build so got in contact with Lee at SRD and he persuaded me that a Vvti head was the way to go. However one of those isn’t cheap to buy new so I sourced a Vvti engine from an aristo




That engine is currently being stripped down










and rebuilt at SRD as we speak to the following specifications

Bottom end:

Titan 3.4 litre stroker crank

Titan oil pump drive

Manley 3.4 litre stroker pistons

Manley H-tuff+ rods

Clevite bearings

SRD brace kit with ARP hard wear

Tomei oil baffle kit

New Toyota oil pump

New Toyota water pump

All new tensioner’s

New fluidampner

PHR Black edition 4 piece pulls set

SRD 6 phase 170amp alternator


Head/ inlet:

Kelford V202-D Cam’s

BC 0310 Duel valve springs and titanium retainers

BC 2950 valve locks

BC 3930 bronze valve guides (inlet side)

BC 3931 bronze valve guides (exhaust side)

BC 3302 intake valves 1mm oversize

BC 3303 exhaust valves 1 mm oversize

Toyota shimless buckets

All machined to SRD’s stage 5 specifications

Hypertune 2JZ Big Port Inlet Manifold, 12 injector setup with 12 injector fuel rail




SRD Single Turbo Kit Supra,

SRD T4 Billet collector

SRD Billet Waste gate collector

4" DP and MP

60mm Screamer

76mm Intercooler pipe work with Precision V Band Flange

PT8385 Gen 2 Street Fighter

Turbo smart Gen V 60mm Power Gate

SRD Oil Feed Kit

SRD Oil return kit



Aeromotive A1000 FPR, -8 ORB

PHR Triple 485 Hanger

Walbro 485 Pump

PHR Billet Under Car line holder set x5

-8 High Flow Billet Fuel Filter with 30 Micron metal filter SRD E85 safe fuel system, lines and fittings

ID1700x Injectors for 2JZ ID1050x Injectors 2JZ


Engine management/ electrics:

Syvecs S7 plus ecu

Custom Milspec Engine Harness for 2JZ - VVTI

R35 Coils

Bosch Knock Sensor for Syvecs

Toyota Knock Sensor Adapter

Boost Solenoid 4 Port

SRD Boost solenoid bracket

Syvecs Pressure Sensor

Syvecs 4 Bar to NPT

Syvecs NTK O2 Sensor.


Intercooler and pipework:

ETS 6" Intercooler Core -3 Inlet

- 3.5" Out let

- Anodised Black


Drive train and suspension/ chassis:

SRD prop

RPS Tripple Plate Strapless Carbon Clutch with Steel Billet Flywheel

OS Giken LSD JZA80 9" diff

OS Giken Diff oil 250R

SRD Billet Diff Cover Large Case Toyota Diff Fitting Kit

New Bearings

New Seals

New O rings

New Bolts

V160 gearbox

New TRD gearbox mount

Full super pro Polly bush kit

TRD engine mounts

BC racing ER series coil overs and springs

JAP speed front and rear upper, lower and tow arms fully adjustable arms

All new wheel bearings, seals, retaining clips, caps and flanges front and rear hubs

Front and rear hubs sand blasted, zinc treated and painted with new carrier bushes

New clutch release fork

New gearbox inspection covers

Shifter assembly stripped down zinc coated and painted with new bushes, dust boot, yoke control, control bracket, shaft control, shifter boot and bolts


Wheels/ Body/ interior and dress up parts:

LED front fog/ indicators

Carbon LED rear lights

prospec imports headlight carbon inserts

whifbits carbon headlight duct 

Seibon carbon front wings

Seibon carbon boot lid

Carbon engine covers

Carbon spark plug cover

LED heater upgrade

New 6 speed gear knob

New centre console

Black carpet and headlining

CCW classic wheels custom sizes finished in a polished lip with a bronze centre

Recaro podium bucket seats with gosling racing fully adjustable mounts

steering wheel reconditioned by royal steering wheels

Gary England carbon spoiler blade and carbon TRD legs

full glass out respray with under seal 



AP racing 6 pot 362mm front

AP racing 4 pot 330mm rear

portfield pads front and rear



SRD Heater Hose Kit

SRD Custom Intercooler pipe work for Hypertune

SRD -12 Custom Breather Setup Toyota Engine

Cusco D1 40 cromoly 8 point around dash roll cage with harness bar





- - - Updated - - -



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All new bushes, bolts and arms for the whole car not just using the sorry 20 odd year old ones that were put in when it was first made. The hubs have also had the bearing pressed out and will be getting the same treatment as soon as I get some time off work. The front sub frame will also be accompanying them before it gets reassembled with brand new arms and bolts.

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Great build thread, interested to follow your progress as this has a lot of the bits I am looking to do on my build as well. :thumbs:


Please do keep it going and share as many photos as you can mate, look forward to following your progress and seeing this come together. :)


Will do mate, some times I do stuff then forget to take pictures. you staying auto box?

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