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MKiv Supra.net 2017 club calendar


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Hello everybody.


It's that time of year again folks, and if you want a 2017 calendar, then I will get them organised for you.


These should be £12 UK and £17 Europe, including postage, but all depends on the quantities ordered.


As previous years, there won't be a submission thread, as I just want your high-resolution photos to look at!


Please see below for full instructions.





There then will be a short round of entries for the 6 categories for everyone to vote on.









Two photos will be chosen from each category. Any runner ups in those categories that are of decent enough quality will also be considered, and possibly used as well in a lesser form.


No Photoshopped entries allowed in any category except the Photoshopped one. Minor alterations to hide number plates will be accepted (I can edit photos to do this, so if you require me to do so, then please mention it!).


Time scales:


The time scales for this years calendars are;


Submissions in by 18th November.

Voting done by 1st December.

First batch will be mailed out as soon as they are produced.


Entry requirements


We are still getting some submissions that are totally unsuitable for printing.

To try and reduce the number of unusable entries this year, please make sure any photos you submit are at least 3508px wide and 2480px high, or a minimum of 300dpi (standard press quality).

To take a photo of this resolution requires a minimum of 8 mega-pixels (this also means 'maximum' quality iPhone 4S+/Samsung Galaxy S2+ type images, which will be considered too).

Photos larger than this will be accepted, but photos much smaller than this may be rejected, as I want to minimise pixelation.


How to enter


To enter you need to email me your finest quality photos as attachments to [email protected] with a subject of "Calendar {category} Entry", substituting {category} for a category above, and putting your forum user name in the message body.


If you want to send me multiple photos (not hundreds, but within reason, of course!), then that's fine. I will then sift through them and pick a few that will be put forward for a vote, but my decision on this is final.


What happens next?


Once the deadline for entries is reached, a vote will take place on all accepted entries in each category. The entry with the highest number of votes from each category will go into the calendar (the closest runner ups will also feature, but in a lesser form and depending on image quality too).


How do I get a calendar?


The club will start to take payments for the calendars once the voting has finished. They can print any number on demand, which will mean that I can accept payments, and produce the calendars without the worry of not having enough or too many. Once we've received your payment, you will receive your calendar within a fortnight of your order.


Terms and conditions


Photos must be submitted by 18th November.

Photos must be suitable for the category they are entered into.

Photos must be 3508px wide and 2480px high, or a minimum of 300dpi (standard press quality). 8 mega-pixel camera or above (iPhone 6/Galaxy S4 quality, or better, etc).

No notification or justification will be given for rejected entries. If your photo doesn't appear in the voting thread then it has been rejected.

There is no limit on the overall number of entries per category.

Each car may only be submitted once per category, but you may submit the same car (but not photo!) in more than one category.

If the same car wins more than one category only one of the photos will be included in the calendar. I will pick which one is included.

The submitter MUST own the copyright of the photo, and the submitter agrees to indemnify the club against any loses or costs incurred as a result of their entry.

The Supras in the photos submitted MUST belong to members of this club.

The photos must be of Supras only. No people or other cars to be in the photo (expect in group photos or action shots).

If you have had your car professionally photographed, please make sure your submissions do not have any logos or graphics stuck on the photos by the photography company, please.

I reserve the right to merge any of the above categories if a category is failing to get submissions.

I reserve the right to change and/or add to these rules without notice.

I reserve the right to cancel the 2017 calendar without notice or justification.

The club's decision on any matter is final.

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Andrew, does no photoshopped pics mean no filters?



Photoshop means where the image has been altered so much as to not look like the original.


A combination of foreground, background, special effects, etc.


You can use filters in a subtle way, but if I think it's a bit excessive, then I'll let you know.

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