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  1. Were all booked for both nights now! Looking forward to this. Jackie
  2. Ian and I are booked. Just booked Premier. Waiting for a link for Mollies.
  3. Thank you to everyone that attended, it was great to finally meet up with the Supra Family after so long. We all had a fantastic day. Didn't get many pictures, too busy chatting, but here's what I did get.
  4. Darren, didn't get many pics this time sorry, too busy catching up with everyone.. lol The camera never left the boot It was a cracking day, we both look like tomato's today.. haha
  5. @Liam StallardI have sent you a PM. Please reply today. Thanks
  6. We are up to 28 now. I had a few List extra added. List is now closed and has been submitted. Mr2 club will not allow anyone not on the list into the event due to covid registrations.
  7. Hi, If anyone else wants to attend, we have until 5pm tomorrow (wed 30th June) to register you. Just let me know your registration number and name. The list of attendees:
  8. List of attendees: If anyone else wants to attend, please send me your registration number by 5pm Wednesday 30th June and i can add you to the list. Jackie
  9. Hi, if you are attending please read the attached. I need registrations by 30 june to submit final list. There are a few still outstanding, so please see the post in national events section. Jackie
  10. Gates are open at 8am. I have been asked to inform any attendees to read the attached. It is still going ahead. I still need registration numbers from the following before Wed evening as I will submit the final list of registration numbers. Unfortunately due to covid only reg. Numbers registered will be allowed in this year. MARK SUPRA, ALEX WEST, DANNY WATT, LIAM STALLARD, PAUL ELLIOTT JONES, WATCH OUT FOR DETAILS OF CONVOY SOON. Thanks JACKIE
  11. Hi, Update following the extension of the lockdown until July 19th. The event is still going ahead however only cars pre-booked will now be allowed in. If you are planning to go, please let me know and I can add you to our list. I will post a list of names up soon. Jackie
  12. Wile Coyote has mentioned a convoy to the event on the day. Would anyone be interested in a convoy. Not sure where to meet or time yet, but if enough interested we can sort this.
  13. Liam, you are added to the list. We can add people for a few more weeks if anyone is interested. JACKIE
  14. Is anyone else interested before I submit our numbers tonight?
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