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  1. Me and Dad are in :) just emailed Craig about booking a hotel for the Saturday night but I live walking distance from the premier inn in Hereford so I’ll walk up to meet you all on the Friday night then sleep in my own bed and rejoin you in the morning :)
  2. Just caught up on this too, stunning work Cam attention to detail is amazing
  3. Full swap mate, got all subframes and everything off atm as well for a tidy up
  4. Looking amazing mate as always just out of interest how do you find the newer R888Rs compare to the old R888s?
  5. Currently doing one on my black Supra mate if you wanna have a look at anything post lockdown
  6. B58 swap incoming Good to see you back mate
  7. Hey bud, Danhook97 is coming in his Supra and im jumping in with him so see you all there
  8. Depends on budget, from researching a precision 6062 gen II will do 700 and be fast spooling or a Garrett equivalent in their range would obviously be great but all depends on budget really
  9. Been a long time since i’ve updated this and to be honest I have just been enjoying driving her so apart from keeping her a tidy example I’ve not got round to doing much to her in terms of modification... until now I’ve got a low mileage tidy vvti GTE engine to go into her which will be going small single on along with a V160, my aim with this build is to be as fast spooling as possible with power being around the 700bhp mark so with the vvti engine and looking at turbo choice of a precision 6062 gen II or a Garrett equivalent (future wise will build the bottom end to 3.4 aswell and supportin
  10. Not updated this thread for ages but had a good year in her last year. Got her running nicely and attended 4 shows in show n shine which through my amazement as a lot of really nice cars enter I actually won all 4, I took her on Jakes (Ripped Fear) event called tea room tours which was a great weekend in her (although it rained a lot), had a feature filmed for CarWow and also was 1 of the cars used in the filming for Top Gear so quite a successful year overall More updates to come as the engine is currently at SRD having a full rebuild and also sold my head and bought a vvti head which
  11. ShawnPreece


    Oh and a dash of sweet chilli while making the egg fried rice is a nice addition too
  12. ShawnPreece


    Haha maybe not breakfast but I do have a few a week yeah plenty of extra turmeric and cayenne pepper is the key to how I like it
  13. Yeah the engines at SRD atm bud, going vvti head on her hoping to be up your way again as soon as movement is abit more allowed again so will give you a shout to come say hi
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