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Done my voting.


Also getting in with a huge THANK YOU for all the efforts on this Andrew. Being the person that originally started the club calendar all those years ago, I recall all too well the amount of time, effort and quite frankly, moaning I had to put up with when the reality is, until you actually take on a task this size you have NO idea what is involved and how straight down the line with rules you have to be.

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By the way, I have asked a SuperMod to make the voting threads stickies, and remove last years, plus add a promotional line to the top of the forum, but I'm not getting any response.


I've stickied the 2017 and removed the 2016 threads, though I don't have permissions to add a promo line - a red will need to come to the rescue for that :)

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Thanks James.


I have messaged Homer and Branners about the promo banner, but no success yet. Steve is no longer receiving private messages it seems.


I do apologise to anyone that thinks I haven't included them on purpose. If submitted photos were useable as the featured main photo then I would've included them in the voting sections.

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