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New toy :) when I get back from holiday....


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Loving that. Had two MK1's a Mexico and an RS1600 both original and both great cars. The driving feel and response were awesome and such great fun to drive, sideways with full control and confidence. Nice buy.


Awesome, looking forward to it!

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Thanks all, will definitely get some better pics and videos when I collect them. Cars are going straight in to be serviced and for an MOT to become road legal here :)


Utterly stunning :cool: I bet they will be a lot of fun to take by the scruff and hustle down some windy roads.


keep me in mind if you want them putting in a magazine down the line, Retro Ford is one of our titles. :)


Thats what I am hoping for :D


Awesome! The white one definitely, but the blue needs a few a touches to make it decent, both will more than likely have new wheels, clocks and seats

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Stunning :faint:




Spent a good 10 years in the ford scene so I very much like your new purchase :) They are brutal with YB cosworth engines fitted.


Awesome! Will be posting up as I go with each, especially if we get a sub-section for non-supra projects. Not sure about the YBs yet, they sound awesome and produce good numbers, but is not just too much for the little car? I like the idea of a loud high revving 1600 :sly:

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