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  1. 1959 Ford Thunderbird,will be mot and tax exempt.just waiting for customs paperwork to UK register. £9500
  2. Bought this new lastyear from go Outdoors.comes with footprint,carpet and porch.this is about the biggest tent for internal living space I could find.only used once, £600
  3. Arrived at Southampton today will be collecting wednesday
  4. Cheers for that Dave.that is something to think about
  5. I don't think they allowed jap imports.
  6. Private it's addictive searching for them.
  7. Yes I do agree I have a smaller set ready
  8. Ye not a fan of the wheels myself ,but car is like it just rolled out of a factory.
  9. Have got this lined up hopefully if I can strike a deal with the owner,he's tempted but big money
  10. Thank-you.I have a fiew more lined up to come over.
  11. Black on black is the best.the bird cage is spotless as car has never seen the rain deliberately.
  12. Would be a cracking investment.I can register it and get it on the road but price will be more.
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