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New toy :) when I get back from holiday....


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Well, she officially lives and sounds pretty damn good on throttlebodies! Ok, the engine cover needs painting and the front fenders need their badges (had MEXICO badges, but removed them - have a set of ST170 badges to go on). Couple more things to do, mount ECU, hide some wires, make some gauges work, REMAP and thats about it.



Oh my. We're gonna need more video of that!

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So - update time..... 

The car made 183bhp at Surrey Rolling Road! Which I am very happy with.... 

Made it to Caffeine & Machine with no new issues, however the return trip highlighted an issue with the old fuse box (quite common) so will be switching to inline fuses. We also discovered a vibration on the prop shaft (most likely) but the car has never really been this fast before, so just working through the list of things to fix. 

Photos to come later on today

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Yesterday the prop shaft went to a specialist and then immediately got put in the bin! Its out by quite a bit.... so a new one is being made up now, hopefully by the end of the week

Will be ordering up some inline fuse kits to remove the fuse box altogether. 

Then we move onto the suspension and brakes. No idea how old the suspension is so will be having a good look. Same goes for the brakes, it has Hilux calipers on the front, but the feel is very wooden, drums on the rear may need some attention too. 

More to follow shortly.....

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