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  1. Sadly, due to COVID, I have not been down to the car since the last video. However, since the roads are seeing less salt and HOPEFULLY we can move around soon, I will be getting the little thing mapped shortly........
  2. While we were building it, had so many chats with people just walking past along the same lines, first car, etc so many memories of the escort. One neighbor has already complained about the noise
  3. That was just part of its first drive, there will be a lot more! Just a shame that the weather has turned so not ideal, but will spend the winter sorting out the last few things (gauges, ECU fitting, remap and any other small issues)
  4. Well, she officially lives and sounds pretty damn good on throttlebodies! Ok, the engine cover needs painting and the front fenders need their badges (had MEXICO badges, but removed them - have a set of ST170 badges to go on). Couple more things to do, mount ECU, hide some wires, make some gauges work, REMAP and thats about it. [video=youtube_share;s6VXe9f-VEY]
  5. Been a little while, but we are progressing slowly First startup, not too bad after quite a few months being dry and no nuts on the engine mounts (couldn’t find them)
  6. Hmmmm, I can probably give you the list of parts ordered from Retro Ford My Pinto died, so no idea.... got decent money for the carb - although that was nearly new
  7. Yeah I did! Wish I hadnt! I would say go for it!! I loved (and I mean truly loved) the MX5 with a SC, should be like that out the factory. Drove superbly on the road, power delivery was brilliant, nothing to complain about. Hahaa, need to finish the MK1 Escort first.... ZETEC going in that, need to pay for ECU, throttlebodies, wiring loom and fueling.
  8. Hahaa... figured it would be a little more fun taking apart the ST170 For everything, and yes it will find its way to a track day or 2
  9. ZETEC engine and 5 speed type 9 gearbox are now in the car! Waiting for some more parts to finish off the fuel system, induction and electronics. Hopefully in the next few months.^
  10. Looking good! Used to have one of these and it was an awesome thing on track. However it was a little slow, no one would let it pass because they would just spank it on the next straight. This was all fixed with a supercharger M42 I believe off the mini! After that it was phenomenal on track! The things it overtook was brilliant! The other great thing was that it could keep going on track. My old GTR would do 5 sessions in a day and cost a chunk of fuel, this with the SC did 11 sessions (multiple drivers) and up to an hour of driving at a time. Some pics of mine..... Interior pic i
  11. parts..... - - - Updated - - - more....
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