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  1. Hi mate, We run a SRD stage 3 built auto with Syvecs S6+ and flappy paddles. Currently 850bhp/650lbft and had no issues whatsoever. We’ve been running this setup for around 4/5 years now. We have also kept the stock torque converter as we personally feel it’s nicer to use on the street. Having had a PI3600rpm converter which can be abit “unpredictable” on the street and on lockdown etc. We have a A02B small case diff with a TRD 1.5way LSD, again had no issues and we’ve had that setup for 6-8 years ranging from 550-850bhp. Lee at SRD is the best person to speak with and he will h
  2. That sounds like a great investment for someone and a rare example.
  3. I know it’s N/A bit in Jamie’s previous comment be mentioned he might go TT auto.
  4. It’s another option if Jamie is wanting to stay TT, I don’t know anyone yet who has fitted the Munro hybrids with a built auto controlled by Syvecs?
  5. Hybrid TT with SRD built auto
  6. Nice project Simon, and a nice write up as always. Hopefully we’ll all be able to meet up at a Bluewater meet soon for a catch up
  7. Engine Type - 2JZ-GTE Engine Spec - Rebuilt/Refreshed GTE, ARP Headstuds, ARP Rodbolts, ARP Mainstuds, Clevite Racebearings, SRD 264 Cams, SRD Turbo Kit, HKS 60mm External Wastegate, Mishimoto Intercooler, Hypertune Intake+Fuel Rail, ASNU 1500cc Injectors, Twin Walbro 485lph Fuel Pumps Turbo - Precision 6466 GEN2 DBB 1.00 A/R Fuel Used - Shell Vpower Exhaust - SRD 4” Downpipe, HKS 4” Ti Transmission - SRD Stage 3 Built A340 & TRD 1.5 Way A02B Small Case LSD ECU - Syvecs S6+ Flappy paddle conversion. Mapped
  8. BMW 3 series BMW 5 series Circa 2005/2006/2007
  9. Awesome! Phil is one of the nicest and most genuine guy I know! I remember when it was a N/A and he brought it to our monthly Bluewater meet. It was a clean example then, now he’s made it perfect!
  10. On our setup we have 264 cams and stock valve spring and rev to 7500rpm, no issues. You’ll be able to rev a little higher with upgraded valve springs than how your car is currently setup.
  11. Don’t fill the car with 95 octane fuel?
  12. I don’t think you’d buy an LC500 for speed, at the end of the day it’s a GT car. They weigh almost 2000kg with 470bhp, I can imagine they are a great car for munching up the miles in style and comfort IMO. They are a great looking car though that’s for sure.
  13. Heard they are not very reliable, like most of the Jaguar/Land Rover offerings.
  14. Going to be £100K I’d imagine, a new LC500 is £80k with a decent spec. But you can pick them up now for around £50k with decent mileage. When is the LC-F due out?
  15. That’s a great price, always thought they were a good looking set of wheels on a supra! GLWS
  16. He is an old fart, enjoying his retirement now though. I’ll point him in the direction of this thread.
  17. Welcome! Where in Norfolk are you from? I’ve got family in Stalham so know the area fairly well Great looking example, hope you enjoy supra ownership.
  18. If you got the R8 V8, would you not feel gutted you didn’t get the V10 in the long run?
  19. Great stuff Si! Looks like you’re doing a great job. Nice work on the detailed build thread aswell! Always nice to have a read when you update it. Hopefully catch up at Bluewater meet soon and have a look at the great work
  20. 1. Josh42 - Staffordshire 2. blythmrk - Derbyshire/Yorkshire 3. erachter - West Sussex 4. Mike2JZ - Zimbabwe 5. Ben_harmer32 - West Sussex 6. Safcdixon - Durham 7. AdamAMG - Mars 8. Tayr - Uranus/Hampshire 9. Lewmc93 - Merseyside / The TSS 10. Mwilkinson - Hampshire 11. m12aak - Leicester 12. Kev.O - Bristol 13. Samurai 20V - South Africa, Durban 14. Trebor69 - Swadlincote 15. Drift_bear - Aberdeen 16. Harrypm82 - Manchester 17. bonus_2000 - Kent 18. Sukhy - Wolverhampton 19. Dnk - Dunk - Redditch 20. Noz - Devon 21. Jim_supra - East Yorkshire 22. Jord - Oxford 23. Style
  21. We run Work Meister S1 18x9.5J ET37 18x11.5J ET49 Had them made to suit a BBK in case we wend down that route further down the line, can’t for the life of me remember what disc option we went with though. Possibly was the “O” disc or something. Speak with Driftworks, they were really helpful with any questions I had. Just tell them the rough sizes you want etc and they should be able to guide you from there.
  22. Ahhh cool that’s really interesting to see. Think it was 1.9bar, not that it probably makes much difference.
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