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If Jon is coming we will convoy from York.


So could meet you anywhere then convoy in.


Would definitely get the crowd staring :)


We will have to time that well then lol maybe not go so early.


As for meeting there maybe




Or Ford car park, there are barriers further down but enough space to get all our cars in and turn them....



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Think the ford garage is a little close to pre meet before the big meet.


Could always meet at Asda first, as the road from Asda will go past xscape and the overflow car park?


That would work but we need to pass xscape to get to asda from the motorway?



Welcome Iky :)

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Manos K. (or Manny If it's easier for you)



Bradford, W. Yorkshire



Black 1993 J-Spec N/A AT Aerotop












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I saw you and your car today as I was up in York with the girlfriend staying at the Hotel Du Vin, we saw you by Micklegate Bar, very striking colour.

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This is tomorrow...

Karl and Cam shall we meet here https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.735817,-1.576727,3a,75y,31.22h,78.98t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1si5aHGAthUnz5swXVlvD0yQ!2e0

At 1230pm? And join the rest at Asda for 1pm?


Manos are you up for this tomorrow?


See you guys there tomorrow. Your link doesn't seem to work Karl?


Fingers crossed for some sun!

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