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  1. Now MOT'd for a year (rear tyres near limit advisory) Oil + Filter service Gearbox oil changed
  2. Hence the price; still on the lowest spectrum price wise of the aerotops on the market at the moment.
  3. Since we are so desperate to do everything by the book, one shouldn’t do 150mph to start with.. cause it’s unsafe... (...and no exciting) period . Anyway if you’re looking for things to hate you’ll find a plethora to do so ; that’s entirely losing the point though . GWG is a bold show targeting a younger audience that might be or not yet in the car scene; following a more “American” style format as it’s broadcasted worldwide . For the purists of the world there’re always other entertainment options such as the "Chasing Classic Cars"
  4. As I’ve been part of the show I have to say from the show point of view the car has been a success . If you’ve seen any of the GWG builds they’re all bold and loud . That’s the signature of the show and the fact that we are still talking about the car proves the point that it has been a successful one When (as a supra owner) I’ve been asked about my opinion by Helen (who actually envisioned the final thing) I said it’s not one for the purists and not my cup of tea but it’s done right . It has the right 90s over the top Jap tuning scene looks and it stands out enough to be fit for being
  5. It's so difficult to do that, but it seems the sensible thing to do but I know I will regret it eventually. Owning a Supra has been a childhood dream, and it's been a joy and a blessing that I managed to fulfill it. The Car is not a garage queen but it’s defo been loved . I bought her back in 2013 from another forum member and it's been a daily companion ever since, while on my ownership it did break down only once for what ended up to be a faulty ecu, Ecu has been replaced and the car runs fine ever since. so , the technical bits and mods: MOT til March 2021 (updated) Part Service
  6. Hello guys, I am after an OEM front bumper. hit me up if you have any around
  7. the engine light didnt even come on at all with the old ecu, so it was impossible to check, this is when I started suspecting that something might was wrong with the ecu
  8. Thanks Chris, Grounds seem ok, I changed the ECU and the car seems to work fine for now, still not confident that the core of the initial problem was ecu related, as the ecu i took off seems to be ok, and completely dry inside with no leaks whatsoever, so cannot get why it might have failed .
  9. Hello Chris thank you for your answer , will do that ASAP , do by any chance have any photos or diagram of where the grounds located ? Thank you . I will keep this thread updated .
  10. Having exact the same problem car stalled and never started again , it cranks but not firing . Today out of the blue it started fine and then died 5 minutes after . I noticed that when it started the engine light came on on key position two , then fired up like new . When it died again , the check engine light doesn’t come on any more and it doesn’t fire up . Has anyone gone on the bottoms Of it ? Thanks in advance
  11. Lol yup that’s the one . Found a car now thank you all
  12. Hello guys it’s probs such a short notice but we are filming the new MKV Supra tomorrow in Longcross and I was thinking if anyone with a stock-ish MKIV would like to pop over and get their car filmed next to the new Supra . We won’t do any test runs on the mkiv (although it would be interesting ). You’ll also get a chance to see the new Supra in life if you haven’t done already . Please PM me if you’re interested or email me at [email protected] Thank you Manos
  13. Need a Radiator Fan , my crank damper pulley split while driving and damaged the fan. please let me know if you have any.
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