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    Car insurance

    I went with Classicline last year they were very competitive and did an agreed value of 25k with certificate and was a lot less hassle the Flux that I'd been with for years. Thankfully I've not had to make a claim so can't comment on that side of things.
  2. What time you get up in a morning lol?
  3. I'm here now thinking of getting up early in morning trying to find somewhere to take some good pics of my car currently near Daventry any ideas?
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone is from near Silverstone with a working car, as down there with work Monday to Wednesday so was going to bring supra down for some photos with Silverstone in the back ground. Just wondered if anyone else fancies a photo and meeting up really Cheers Paul
  5. Any one fancy a bacon sarnie and a brew at specialist cars of malton on Sunday? From about 8am
  6. I paid £9500 for my tt 6 speed bpu as a divorce present to myself she got the profit from the house she's spent all hers but the supra has gained so think I got the better deal
  7. Just been reading about this it seems the E10 fuel may lower carbon but researchers have proved that most cars will be less fuel efficient and there might be more deforestation leading to higher carbon emissions anyway so if this is true then what's the point or is this just another way of this robbing government/EU getting more money out of the motorist
  8. Is that decat pipe 1st&2nd decat in one pipe? - - - Updated - - - Is that decat pipe 1st&2nd decat in one pipe?
  9. I still use is as I don't have Facebook can't be arsed with knowing if your dogs had a shit for the first time today or if you debating whether to walk the school run or be a lazy tw#t and take the car. Although I had to admit I don't use the forum as much since I stopped using the supra as a daily drive
  10. As per title anyone fancy a weekend at Donnington on 30 June and 1st July for Japfest and Trax event? http://www.japfest.co.uk/japfest-donington http://www.traxshows.co.uk/trax-donington
  11. We'll have to sort some meets out this year guys
  12. All politicians are the same all lying fuckers that are only looking out for them selves and so out of touch normal people, this makes it hard to pick one to vote for
  13. Hi guys I'm doing a charity mountain bike ride from whitehaven to Sunderland on 10th of July to raise money for Abbie's fund who supply memory boxes for grieving parents of still born children. Me and my wife lost a little girl 8 years ago and know how much these memory boxes ment to us to keep her things in. http://www.abbiesfund.co.uk/ If anyone would be so kind to sponsor me that would be amazing the link with details is https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/sosmallsosweetsosoon. Thank you Paul
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