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  1. I have 3.5" downpipe and midpipes from TB on a shelf here to fit one day. Quality is outstanding.
  2. It's not worth the effort, I've asked Keron if he can pull one from any of the cars he's breaking.
  3. I could model and 3D print one myself, but it's not an ideal part to 3D print.
  4. Thanks, but I wouldn't trust that website as far as I could throw it. There's a lot of website pretending to be European but are instead chinese scams as I found out just last month. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/slaoskill.com
  5. Does anyone have one of the white clips that hold the rear of the headlining panel in place as they're discontinued by Toyota?
  6. I was just about to ask the same question.
  7. I've not received any PM about payment
  8. 1. Blythmrk x2 2. mwilkinson x2 3. Jackie Silver x 6 4. Ellis x3 5. 96sz 6. Mo Reviews x3 7. Josh42 x2 8. Luxluc x2 9. Wile e coyote x2 10. Soopra 11. Tayr 12. Griffsplace 13. Supra-Love 14. KamaSupra x2 15. MrGtr 16. Supra_scott 17. PJJ 18. Madbull2255 x2 19. Bradleyh_15 20. Max5437 x5 21. m12aak 22. Inazone x2 23. Peter P 24. ben_harmer3
  9. This is a well known coming problem. I drilled a couple of large holes in the bottom of each upright so that any water can drain out.
  10. I remember reading something about a way to retension them. I've got a spare set sat on the floor here that I keep meaning to open up and retension one day.............. https://www.supraforums.com/threads/finally-writeup-on-how-to-fix-sagging-seat-belts.532699/ https://old.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?349336-Seatbelt-repair-Video&highlight=seat+belts
  11. Yep that's the guy. I have his mounts and then used a set of universal runners from ebay for my seats.
  12. I've got a carbon fibre blade for sale. https://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?359229-Carbon-TRD-Spoiler-Blade
  13. I've painted my garage floor mainly because it was ridiculously dusty constantly. I used 2 coats of Screwfix's grey Heavy Duty garage floor paint. Only issue was that my sticky tyres stuck to it when the car was sat for a while and pulled up the paint at the contact patches, so I've stuck down a square of heavy duty rubber matting under tyres location.
  14. I'd get an expert to do it if I was you. Russell from Ultimate Windscreens has removed and refitted mine a couple of times. https://www.ultimatewindscreens.co.uk/
  15. Big Mark

    Torque wrenches

    I've had this one for years. Works perfectly! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Teng-Tools-1292AG-EP-Torque-Wrench-40-210nm-1-2in-Drive/333706353508?epid=13021256970&hash=item4db272db64:g:bDsAAOSwkypfTg6p
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