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  1. its not dead bud but welcome to the mad house lol we have a whatsapp that we all chat on
  2. hi jak jak my supra want start its the alarm imob and now the starter motor has locked up and want crank over so cannot get there with the supra but can get there in the Nissan qashqi is that ok sorry to let you dow with the supra bud
  3. Hi its karl put my name down for this I'll be coming over with Ric and some of the Yorkshire lot plus I've already booked the day off cannot let banners down
  4. karl

    1995 uk supra twin turbo auto

    Engine Specifications: N/A Turbocharger & Induction: N/A Fuel, Tuning & ECU: N/A Exhaust: ner spec Drivetrain: N/A Weight Reduction & Transfer: N/A Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes: standard brakes 3g disc's all round ebc yellow stuff pads Interior & ICE: N/A Exterior: N/A Performance: 430bhp
  5. hi white j spec seacroft leeds about 11.30 sat 12th may anyone from hear
  6. wishing you all a good new year and all the best and hope see you all at some events in 2018 all the best guys and happy bootsing and if you have a NA good reving lol
  7. alan massey paid for me lol could not log into shop looking forword to this again see you all there
  8. hi sorry it want let me create an account as well. I have orderd before but it was a long time ago for suprapod
  9. it want let me log in to the shop to order tickets for drag strip and entry
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