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thought i'd seen this :) had to dip a picture out to check reg :)


all i can say what a beautiful colour :)

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is anyone from Yorkshire off to Trax this year or would like to?

i go with some friends but we buy enough tickets then ordered more car pass's than we need, currently have 6 spare car passes, you'd have to buy an entry ticket, and you can have a car pass free :D

last year we had 14 cars on display, so we did well :) plus we where on tarmac in a very central point to all the action.

was a good show, so if you would like a car pass please message asap and order yourself a entry ticket. if no interest i will try elsewhere but i thought i'd give you lot first dibs ;)



i have plenty of pictures on facebook, so if anyone needs to see what cars where there ask but i ended up going in my chavtastic corsa as supra idea was delayed and i ended up in Adrian Flux's photo's so hoping to do same in an actual car :)

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i have 3 car pass's might actually have spare people tickets 2 or 3 but doubly checking, car pass's are free for trax, you just need a person ticket :)

silverstone September 7th - http://www.traxshows.co.uk/


the pictures below are of my first ever car stand, we had 12 cars on display :) 2 where tucked behind as they arrived late so stuff them :)

we where in the center of the entire place which as you can see in on tarmac not grass :) we do take a gazeboo and all stand members can use it, just bring a chair.

my car is the redish Corsa C, not cleaned for half a year, and that ended up on adrian flux's pictures. this year i have a supra and we have 21 cars confirmed on display, i have 3 spares car pass's to make it 24 cars on display, i have 2 people asking for more but i would personally like a few supra's to come :)


also on the way in we had to go through the corpse tunnel :) and the photographer, photo's every car who enters.






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Will do Nic but I boubt he will sell it any time soon 21st meet was great nice drive down excellent food and nice to see a few supras in a convoy bet some people waiting to get out on the round about on way fron The Falcon to motor museum where thinking wtf is going on when 50 supras come round it :D

Did you get your window sorted out matey

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