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Club calendar 2014


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Gutted after winning the vote my pic couldn't be used :( I've got newer ones if that counts :p


Was to low a resolution :( after being edited


It was too low resolution before I did any editing, unfortunately. My mistake not checking it. I had to blur the background to hide a very naughty word in the graffiti. The result did look good though.


I'm in again lol

How about those who make it in are not aloud to enter the next year so as to make it fair for others

I don't mind not entering next year as long as it's agreed with others


Because of the short time scale of the voting, I didn't receive enough photos, so had to use a few from last years to make up the shortfall.


I do apologise to anyone that didn't get a chance to enter, but I'll start it all well in good time next year. :)

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Because of the short time scale of the voting, I didn't receive enough photos, so had to use a few from last years to make up the shortfall.


I'm sorry but can I please ask why my submission wasn't considered if there was a shortfall.


As I said in my (unanswered) pm to you not only was the picture listed in the wrong category and I think had more right to be in the section I applied for than some that were allowed and now have a spot in the finished calendar but now you say that you had to use pictures from last year because you didn't receive enough this year!


I recall my submission to 2013's calendar being dismissed, despite receiving more votes than at least one other successful entry.


Is it personal?


Honestly, I really don't think I'll bother my arse next year.


Just to refresh your memory the category I requested was "Action", the category I got was "Photoshop"


The picture:



Sorry to sound petty, but I can't really see what is so wrong with my offering that last year's rejects were preferable.

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Oops, I do apologise. I didn't mean to overlook it. I had time constraints and pressure to get the calendar finished.


Please enter again next year, of course.



I'd probably stand more chance of just being picked out of the 2014 rejects bin it would seem.;)


Anyway, decent pictures of my car are VERY rare.


I've had two in 5 years of ownership.


The calendar does look well though, I'm not having a go at all your hard work.

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