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  1. Try Lynbrook. They were brilliant with my Supras. http://www.lynbrookins.co.uk/
  2. Could be persuaded. Gets a run out in the car. H.
  3. Go for it Mike. We have two at home and they are great. My first MXS 3.8 packed in after 5 years as the on/off button went dodgy but the replacements have been solid. Just check the cable length as they new ones are a lot shorted than 8 years ago. You may need the extension cable which is 2m long. H.
  4. Havard

    written off

    I suspect that if the Police were to persue a case of driving with undue care, they would be able to look at his phone and know if he was typing at the time of the incident. Texting or whatsapp, the nextwork knows that you are engaged. It's whether they can be arsed for the sake of what they will get if convicted. If he was reading a text then it can't be proven really. He has defo been distracted as there is nothing coming the other way. He also looks about 12, but then again, they all do to me these days... H.
  5. Havard

    written off

    That doesn't even look close to a write off for me. The rear has a massive "girder" so I would surprised if there is any structural damage under that. Good luck Ron.
  6. Havard

    Audi S5

    Lockie, Rob Wild had a cab so it may be worth a pm. He didn't keep it long, then again, he seldom does. Can't say I am a big fan. Audis seem to lack that special touch for me. For rear seats would you not go Ford Mustang / BMW coupe / Jaguar XK / Mercedes Coupe / Older 911? H.
  7. I did wonder what was so interesting down that road and decided to follow you...lol..!! You are a success...
  8. I am going for a small bubble of air in the brakes. They are mega sensitive if not vented properly. This is what it was on my old NA. H.
  9. Oh, thanks Gaz. You are a delight to have around...!! H.
  10. I think we will make an appearance, all being well.
  11. Ooh, twitchy bum for you Dunk. I think you'll be ok, I got flashed in France and spent a couple of days wondering if I was going to get the "curly finger". H.
  12. I had a Stormforce but I would strongly advise against having a cover. Didn't do my car any favours at all, even with attempts to avoid rubbing and condensation. A good few coats of wax and regular cleaning in the nooks and crannies are the order of the day. H.
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