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S2000 Stubby Conversion Kit

supra steveo

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One question, will the stubby pickup radio signal like stock?


I hope so, some have said it isn't as good as the oem and some have said they have seen no change in signal strength


I am always looking for ways to better the product so I may introduce a signal booster


Question from me... what sort of timescale are we looking at getting these?


I want to get a few more on the GB then I will start the ball rolling :)

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alright guys ive got 7 on the aussie forum so i can join them in and get the ball rolling


the signal booster are an extra £4 too btw


payment details are £52 by paypal ( send it as a gift or money owed so the money you send isnt hit by a charge ) to [email protected] , then PM me with the email address and name from the paypal transaction then your postal address and contact number ( contact number is there just in case there is any problems and i can let you know )

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