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  1. Has anyone worked how to do this yet?
  2. Hi all, 2JZGTE Pistons, rods and ARP rod bolts for sale.. not sure how to price them to be honest but going off some previous ad’s.. £300 for pistons and Rods £350 with the ARP’s The rods have been removed from a 2JZGE and will come with good condition GE pistons too for whoever buys them!
  3. Hi all, bought these for my engine build and are now surplus to requirements. 2JZ rings - £120 ARP Rod bolts - £80 both brand new in sealed packaging will post both if required or collection from Lichfield area cheers Rob
  4. the original post was in 2018.. i would imagine they are sold
  5. This was brand new hard line from Toyota only a couple years ago and has only been replaced for a braided one due fitting a FPR amongst other things, the rubber hose at the end which goes to the tank isn’t new. Collection preferred from Hemel Hempsted due to length! Would be a nightmare to post Might be able to deliver within reason.. something can look into if required! Be a shame to bin it if can go to good use elsewhere £20
  6. Great condition as title comes with looms and bulbs. All clips etc intact, no damage or marks £prov sold
  7. I’m running a marlin crawler uprated R154 now so should be able to take a bit more Yeah I would agree, my build to start off with was very much budget.. XS with GReddy emanage and 5 years down the line I’m swapping for precision and AEM V2 among various other changes mainly to allow me to run more power but also for a safer build.. I think for a ~400bhp build you can get away with a lot. I’m glad though I went for the TiAL wastegate though as I didn’t want to risk an issue in that area But overall having covered 18k miles with two European road trips including the ring bang for bu
  8. Il be uploading some more pics of the parts as they come off also if that would be useful
  9. Hi all, Long time since I posted last but this could be useful to people going NA/T as choice seems to be quite restricted and this is my experiences with these XS products. overall I have seen and heard mixed reviews about XS but mainly the poor reviews are from people who haven't actually used their products my car has been converted from NA to Turbo for around 5 years now and i've had the following experience.. Turbo T61 Turbo was the T61 made good power 450BHP and 500lbft with probably a bit more to give but with a W58 gearbox attached to it 500lb ft was brave enough..
  10. Very good box this drives lovely best of luck with your sale josh
  11. thats for the twin turbo mate i'd have a go at wiring it yourself its not that bad when you get into it! failing that i'm sure there are people that can do it.. try asking on the supra NA/T facebook pages too
  12. read somewhere on an american forum that something like this could work https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRANSMISSION-SPEED-REVOLUTION-SENSOR-for-TOYOTA-HIGHLANDER-MATRIX-TUNDRA-VISTA/251426248742
  13. do we know of any aftermarket or replacement sensors that will work as replacements if they are dead..? my N/S rear is screwed after having wheel bearing changed and I cant find a replacement.. apparently discontinued! on a JDM NA
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