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  1. Got it and all fitted and looking lovely - thanks
  2. I have a card from the postman so will collect in the morning
  3. Looking forward to receiving it. Im sure if you put the spares on Ebay they will do really well.
  4. Any update on when we are likely to receive these?
  5. Brill, will sort it in a bit. When are we likely to get them?
  6. Question from me... what sort of timescale are we looking at getting these?
  7. Put me down for one, my electric one aint worked since I had it!
  8. Yeah was me Had to drive in stealth mode as I had me mum in the car and she moans abt the noise!!
  9. 1) Josh42 2) foxysupra + 1 (if he is not driving his bus)
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