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  1. Sorry guys the guy who I thought had found to do these turned out to be a bellend and it seems he knew how to use the program to set a laser cutter away to work and basically was just acting as a middle man but I e found a place at the start of the week just need to touch base with them
  2. Hi guys , things have been quiet on these for a while due to my laser cutter who did the brackets going bust and I was having a hard time finding someone fill the gap ....... but today I’ve found a someone, however since leaving the Army I don’t have so much free time on my hands and I only have weekends free as I work away so another group buy is on the cards but it may take some time
  3. I’ve just had to buy one one of these , the square connector is for the heated wing mirrors
  4. The longer plug is for the electric folding one
  5. Just had my car in for a full windows out respray but the guy who valeted the car has snapped something in behind the mirror and now the mirror is just dangling there , still in place but showing me what’s on the floor
  6. hi guys been mega busy for a while plus ive not been on here for a while but i will get the ball rolling with these soon any one near Newcastle want to test fit a new part for these kits give me a shout and I will sort you a discount
  7. Post 6, 2nd pic down , boot interior trim , price and are there any cracks ?
  8. Just getting the numbers up at the minute any more wanting one ?
  9. They will be available , can we start another list ?
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