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  1. Hi guys ive just been cleared as a hobbyist, what i put together is a S2000 style stubby conversion kit that allows you to change out the oem aerial motor and antenna for a more modern looking S2000 stubby, so here are some of the pics of what i have made up these kits are £60 to your door in the UK and NI and outside £65 S2000 Stubby Mini Stubby
  2. Another group buy for you, Superpro poly bush kit. This is a full bush kit including all of the front and rear suspension arm bushes. You also have the option of bushes for anti roll bars, steering rack,rear subframe and differential. http://whifbitzperformancetuning.co.uk/toyota-supra-supra-suspension-parts-poly-bushes-c-42_47_838_944.html SuperPro bushes are tried, tested and proven in motorsport, which means they deliver outstanding performance. Their innovative design and superior materials offer dramatic improvements in handling and give a more precise feel through the corners. Unlike some polyurethane bushes, with SuperPro products there is no increase in vibration or ride harshness, an attribute that makes them an ideal choice for cars that are used for both normal road driving and track days. BENEFITS: •Improved handling and stability •Long life, low maintenance •Precision engineered for an exact fit •Increased tyre and suspension life •No increase in vibration and road noise •3 Year / 30,000-Mile Guarantee More information available here http://www.superpro.eu.com/ Superpro full poly bush kit: 93-96 pre-facelift cars, retail £580.10 inc VAT 96on facelift cars, retail £560.59 inc VAT If we can get 5 buyers together the price will be: 93-96 pre-facelift cars, £435.07 inc VAT 96on facelift cars, £420.44 inc VAT Rear subrame bush kit £173.42 inc VAT Diff pin mount bushes £41.62 inc VAT Steering rack bushes £30.28 inc VAT, will need steering rack housing measurement, its either 47 or 50mm Can also supply anti roll bar bushes but will need to know thickness of bar and height of mounting bracket I will include free delivery. Any questions just ask Thanks Paul
  3. As per your requests, here is a group buy for my billet radiator brackets. These really set off your engine bay for that final touch, highly polished and made from billet alluminium. You will require the rubbers from your standard mounts, these fit any Supra JZA80 Normaly price is £60 inc VAT. Group buy price for 10+ buyers £45 inc VAT. Delivery if required £3.60 inc VAT. Thanks Paul http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radbrackets.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radbrackets2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radbrackets3.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radbrackets4.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radbrackets5.jpg
  4. How much interest is there in a group buy for genuine new Toyota UK discs? (No, I can't get calipers cheap, sorry...). If I can get an order for 12 discs together can probably get a good deal.
  5. I think most of you know about how great this ECU is. Used to great effect on our own Time Attack Supras plus helping my own Supra to produce over 1300bhp on the dyno last year. And lots of other big power cars using them to great effect on here. This is now the ECU of choice when you are modifying your Supra, Skyline, Impreza, EVO, etc. etc. Whether it’s a stock turbo’d road car or a 1000+bhp monster this is the ECU to use. The ECU is being used on road, race, drift and drag cars all over the world, all being fully controlled by the Syvecs. You can see more details about the ecu here So here it is, Syvecs S6GP group buy: Retail price £1558.80 inc VAT 5 buyers £1434.09 inc VAT Supra specific adaptor loom for manual pre-vvti TT £180 inc VAT VVTi TT loom £240 inc VAT With auto cars the Syvecs is hard wired in. Uk delivery £10 inc VAT You will also need: 3 bar map sensor £101.98 Knock sensor £83.98 Oil pressure sensor/loom £77.98 Fuel pressure sensor/loom £77.98, plus adaptor £27.78 Wideband sensor with harness £197.98 All prices inc VAT. Mapping can be performed by Ryan at 2 Bar Tuning or by your own mapper of choice if required. Any questions just ask Thanks Paul
  6. APR Performance Carbon Fibre Radiator Cooling Plate Supra JZA80, fits all years. The flow of air is not only limited to the outside of a car. To maximize cooling capabilities, a radiator needs a direct flow of air to allow an engine to maintain consistent temperatures on the race track. Because of structural gaps above the radiator, the flow of air could escape making the radiator not as efficient as it could be. To help improve the flow of air into the radiator, APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plates can be utilized to channel the flow of air directly to the radiator. This will improve the efficiency of the radiator while adding a high-tech, race inspired look to your engine bay. Features: Pre-preg. Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Process The APR Radiator Cooling Plates are constructed by high temperature and pre-preg. carbon fiber production process, making them durable and able to withstand elevated engine bay temperatures. Designed for Easy Installation The APR Radiator Cooling Plates are designed to factory specifications for easy installation and clean fit and finish. Fade Resistant Epoxy Coating To ensure durability, the APR Radiator Cooling Plate uses fade resistant epoxy coating to reduce the effects of high engine bay temperatures. If we can get 10 buyers together I can do these for £102.96 inc 20% VAT. UK delivery is £12 inc VAT on top. From the other thread I had going, interested parties were: 1. Supra Kong 2. Frank R 3. Rob W 4. lexmk4 5. Peter P Any other takers? Thanks Paul http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/aprcoolingplatesupra.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/aprcoolingplatesupra2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/aprcoolingplatesupra3.jpg
  7. I thought its about time I did another group buy so here it is. Billet alluminium auxillary pulleys for the 2JZ and 1JZ, fits all types, NA, TT and VVTi. Made from 6061T3 billet alluminium means these pulleys are lightweight as well as being strong. The kit consists of power steering pulley, alternator pulley and water pump pulley. So they not only look good but they also reduce weight. Normal price for is £168 inc VAT. 5 buyers £130 inc VAT 10 buyers £110 inc VAT Delivery is £9.60. Currently available in blue, black, red and purple from stock, first come first serve on the stock. I can also supply billet alluminium idler pulleys and vernier cam pulleys to match. If your buying a job lot I can do a special price of course. Any questions just ask. Thanks Paul http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/pulleysetred.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/pulleysetred2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/pulleysetblack.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/pulleysetblack2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/pulleysetpurple.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/pulleysetblue.jpg
  8. £700 each plus VAT ,£12.50plus VAT insured P&P to UK mainland addresses, a none refundable £200 pound deposit on placement of order, delivery time will be about 8 weeks, if the interest is there this will be the last chance to get one of these. I have two, maybe three people showing firm interest. Need three deposits to proceed. I'll put the last one into stock if this goes ahead. Previous customers have run these up to circa 600 BHP whilst monitoring air inlet temps to the engine,, with great success. They are all alloy, with fabrication to F1, aerospace standards, almost a shame to hide it away. They will fit using stock ducting and all stock mounting fixings, with no ifs or buts unless you have some bizarre front end on the car. How ratty is YOUR intercooler?
  9. Been trying to find myself one but the prices are extremely high, to solve this I've found a more reasonable source and hope others can benefit from this opportunity too. All engines will be compression tested prior to sale and will be an engine including loom and ECU. Just wanna gauge some interest and understand if there is a demand for GTEs and how much people would be willing to pay. I'd be hoping to undercut the market at around £3000 but it also depends on how many are interested. If like me you want a ffim or more power then I feel this could be a good opportunity for a few of us. Thanks
  10. Mods is this ok? New on here and not sure how it works. Looking into getting Dash plastic remade on full carbon. Finish options not fully discussed But these are to be direct replacement item utilising all original fixings etc so they sit as an OE item would. At this stage I just need to know numbers who would be interested I will update as I learn prices etc. We have a Prefacelift dash being sent for cost estimates. I will send me facelift dual surround so both can be offered. Os there anything else different we need to worry about. Or auto/manual I assume are different too Please could everyone add there names below. - 1.BoostJunky86 2.Grasmt 3. GazDoran 4. 88LE 5. Brassbones 6. Nolizma 7. Supraleeturbo 8.Ric 9. Driftbear 10. Kendo11 11. Spunkmeyer 12. el_bandido 13. S-u-p-r-a 14. ShawnPreece
  11. These fit pre-facelift or facelift. I have had these manufactured by a local company at my cost but am very happy with the finished items. Because they are 3d printed they have a slight finish to them as in the pictures, I personally think these look fine as is especially if fitting all 3 but if not these are easy to sand down and a couple of coats of matt black paint (or your preferred finish or colour) will have them looking totally oem. These have taken a while to get correct (a few attempts!) I have also had them printed with L (left) M (middle) and R (right) that is when facing the front of the dash so in reverse from the back on the reverse as they are different. These are stronger than the oem ones so much better for drilling if aftermarket switches/buttons are to be fitted in the blanking plates. For a set of 3 these will be £45 delivered or if one is required £20 delivered. [ATTACH=CONFIG]230414[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]230415[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]230416[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]230417[/ATTACH] Please pm me if you would like a set or a single one!
  12. Folks, I had a couple.of sets of oem mats and their badges were poor condition or missing so I had a small batch of replacement badges made. They are gel domed with oil slick to replicate the holographic OEM finish. If anyone needs any let me know. £20 a pair plus p&p [ATTACH=CONFIG]231579[/ATTACH]
  13. Hi all Got the goahead to create a group buy for these. Pre-cut self adhesive foam gaskets in the correct thickness available in both the OEM & TRD pattern Have ordered a batch and they are now ready to be sent out. Price will be £20 per pair delivered (UK & EU) Shown below are what i can offer for the TRD wing, will come finished with holes to allow mounting hardware to pass through Reply or pm me Thanks, Nathan
  14. Following on from this thread : http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?342048-Anyone-here-use-a-CARCOON-garage&p=4219975#post4219975 Carcoon are offering club members 10% discount if we can get 5 members to buy one of their carcoons each (of any type) http://www.carcoon.com You will be dealing direct with Joyce at Carcoon who will manage a payment list. It looks like a size 4 should just fit the Supra, they do other sizes too. Standard prices for the outdoor variety are: Size 4 Carcoon 470cm x 200cm x 169cm £493.50 (currently in stock) -10% Size 5 Carcoon 505cm x 200cm x 169cm £538.50 - 10% Plus £19.20 shipping or £29.99 for the indoor Veloce as it's two boxes (one for the frame). Discussion from the original thread can be seen here: http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?342048-Anyone-here-use-a-CARCOON-garage&p=4219975#post4219975 Please PM me your full names for me to send to Carcoon then we can get this rolling. Thanks! Buyers list: 1) Me 2) Jamesy 3) DBZ 4) Greg...depending on clutch costs? 5) [edit] We're ordering now, if you want to get in on this deal then be quick!
  15. Idol control valve needed asap if anyone can help.
  16. Hi guys, Relatively new to posting on the forum so bear with me on this. I've spoke with the guys at TCB Performance LTD having seen recently they're now one of very few people able to get Project Mu brake components at very competitive prices. Discussed that there would be a great deal of interest from the supra community in these being the other options mainly being EPC that aren't in my opinion all that great. After speaking he's agreed with enough interest he can bulk order these and save a decent amount on price, currently looking for minimum 10 to 15 preorders. As it's not me personally ordering these you can get in contact with Paul at TCB via; tcbparts.co.uk 01579 383879 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1194271067311975&id=183797998359292 I've copied all the relevant information from the group buy currently on Facebook along with performance figures of the pads below. Here at TCB we're always looking to bring new products to market for our customers, for the ST205 and Supra JZA80 UK Spec Brakes there is currently a massive gap in the market for performance pads which we're hoping that with YOUR help we can bring Project Mu HC800 pads to the UK market!, In order to get these to the UK Market I would need Pre Orders for between 10 - 15 Sets as I'm required to make a large initial order, to all of these customers I can offer a special offer discount which will be discounted even further if we reach 15 sets, The Retail prices on the front would be £139 + VAT and the rears would be £91.99 + VAT, however for the people who pre order these pads the prices would be £117.46 + VAT front and £77.73 + VAT for the rears, Fantastic pads at a fantastic price! Let Me know below or in a message if you'd be interested in them and I'll add your name to my list. Now why should I buy Project Mu pads? see below for information on the pad and competition pads, on one end you have the lower end EBC products which are a price point which makes them a very attractive option, but on a fast road or track vehicle they just really can't stand up to the job, they also aren't very disc friendly, create a huge amount of dust and are noisy, they also still fade when the going gets tough, there are much better options on the market such as Carbotech but again these can be noisy and dust, then there are Porterfield pads which we can supply and are fantastic pads, low dust, disc friendly and not too noisy a fantastic pad, the only downside to them is price and high temperature ranges really However there is a solution we're looking to become the only stockists in the UK for Project Mu HC800 pads front and Rear for the ST205 and Supra JZA80 UK Spec Brakes, these pads are Genuine Japanese Racing Pad's they work straight out of the box and right the way up until 800 degrees one of the largest operating temperatures around the intial bite will not be the same when they are cold but brake efficiency is not completely lost when cold, but once you've done a couple of stops they're fully up to temp and ready to put in some serious braking force with an average friction coefficient of 0.38 - 0.62 across their temperature range, Fade Resistance When brake pads operate at high temperatures, high pressure gases can be created in the pad and can cause a 'gas layer' between the pad and rotor. This can make the driver feel like the brakes have lost performance as the brake pedal feels the same, but the car won't slow down as normal. This phenomenon is known as 'fade'. A slot is manufactured in all Project-Mu pads to offer the gases an escape route. Noise Suppression Brake pads manufactured without a chamfer on the leading edge of the friction material, are more likely to produce unpleasant noise. This noise known as brake squeal is actually a high frequency vibration created by the friction between pad and rotor. The vibration can manifest in calliper, rotor or suspension vibration. This 'problem' is reduced or eliminated by the chamfer on the pad material. Heat Treatment Project-Mu brake pads are subjected to heat treatment as part of the manufacturing process. This process 'burns out' unwanted materials in advance, reducing the gases that can cause fade. As a result, Project-Mu brake pads only need light 'bedding in' to match the pad to your rotor surface. HC800 has more bite than both NS and B-Spec and has excellent fade resistance. Capable of operating at temperatures up to 800°c, this pad will handle almost all serious braking conditions. HC800 is a genuine ‘cross over’ pad suitable for both road and race. HC800 is extremely capable in competition environments so use this pad if you are involved in serious track day, rally etc. Along with temperature capabilities, HC800 is renowned as a ‘drivers pad’ with unmatched driver feel and control. Fade Resistance When brake pads operate at high temperatures, high pressure gases can be created in the pad and can cause a 'gas layer' between the pad and rotor. This can make the driver feel like the brakes have lost performance as the brake pedal feels the same, but the car won't slow down as normal. This phenomenon is known as 'fade'. A slot is manufactured in all Project-Mu pads to offer the gases an escape route. Noise Suppression Brake pads manufactured without a chamfer on the leading edge of the friction material, are more likely to produce unpleasant noise. This noise known as brake squeal is actually a high frequency vibration created by the friction between pad and rotor. The vibration can manifest in caliper, rotor or suspension vibration. This 'problem' is reduced or eliminated by the chamfer on the pad material. Heat Treatment Project-Mu brake pads are subjected to heat treatment as part of the manufacturing process. This process 'burns out' unwanted materials in advance, reducing the gases that can cause fade. As a result, Project-Mu brake pads only need light 'bedding in' to match the pad to your rotor surface. Brake Pad Structural Stability Brake pads are subjected to huge pressure from calliper pistons in unequal proportions across the pad. Brake pads must remain flat to offer optimal performance so Project-Mu use only the highest grade quality steel at the correct thickness to ensure this stability. Project-Mu pads are up to 20% stronger than some competitors. We Can Supply all of the previously mentioned products be it EBC, Carbotech or Porterfield so if you'd like one of these options then let me know and I can quote for you, but I'm keen to get Project Mu to the UK market and I'll be running them on my own ST205 and currently run them in my Track EP3 as well Thank you for your time and I hope that you're interested in this venture Paul Pridham Company Director
  17. I've had a few requests for a group buy on these so here it is: Normal price is £190 + VAT Group buy price if there are 5 buyers £155 + VAT 10 buyers £130 + VAT Deal ends end of November. Delivery of £12 + VAT on top unless collecting. Payment must be by bank transfer or debit card at these prices. Details of the radiator below: Whifbitz alluminium radiator for the Supra twin turbo and non turbo. Fully tried and tested by ourselves these are a great uprade for the standard radiator, automatic cars will need an additional oil cooler. Core size: (HxWxT) 400×738×50mm, 2 row with Tig welded high grade polished alluminium finish, fits with the stock plastic cowling. Production version has Whifbitz branding on the radiator and cap. Price for the radiator on its own £190 + VAT and delivery, I can do a better price if there is a group buy of 5 people. Any questions just ask. Thanks Paul http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/gwrad9.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/gwrad.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/gwrad2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/gwrad3.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radiator.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radiator2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radfankit.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radfankit2.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radfankit3.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radfankit4.jpg http://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/images/stories/gw_images/forum pics/whifbitzproducts/radfankit5.jpg
  18. As seen in other threads I've been in touch with Stillen about the costs for importing bumpers and side skirts from the states. This has now been approved for a group buy, by the mods. http://www.stillen.com/product.asp?id=STIBODY10&c=EX&year=1994&make=TOYOTA&model=SUPRA http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?223781-Stillen-front-bumper/page2 Estimated Costs Front Bumper £390 Side Skirts £300 Assumptions Based on an order of 10 units Inclusive of shipping VAT and Duty. A full breakdown will be provided to all members of the group buy prior to placing an order. Note These are indicative costs and not final. I'm going to look to try and get the base unit price and shipping costs down a little lower if possible, which will also reduce VAT and Duty. Timescales Currently unknown. This is subject to demand and also turn around time for the order and shipping, so spread the word and get people to sign up to this group buy. Process 1. Confirm number of buyers and units. 2. Finalise Costs 3. Take Payments (I understand this will go through the clubs account) 4. Place order 5. Distribute within the UK. If you are interested in any of these parts or have any questions please post here and I'll add you to the list. 1. Starbuck - Front Bumper & Side Skirts 2. Cloudder - Side skirts. 3. Stratty - Front Bumper - Subject to Shipping costs to Jersey. 4. Rajinder - Front Bumper 5. Caseys - Front Bumper
  19. I've been in touch with the nice people at MVP in order to secure a better deal on the luxurious polyurethane front lip that, in my opinion, is the single best item you can fit to a stock bodied MKIV. For those that are unfamiliar with the lip in question allow me to whet your appitite! http://www.mvpmotorsports.com/Merchant/catalog/jdm/t/supramkiv/p/mvp/38-ws.jpg As stated these lips are polyurethane meaning they are produced from the same material as the original bumper and as such the lip can withstand multiples of the abuse that a fibreglass or, dare I say it, a carbon lip could. Unless you are offroading in your pride and joy this lip will still be looking good in years to come, even on a daily driver. So far the order being discussed has only been for five of these lips but if enough genuine interest is shown and the numbers swell I have no problem in renegotiating the offer on the club's behalf and needless to say any further saving will be passed on to you. The price as it stands for a discounted lip delivered to the UK is £245 which is about a £20 saving on the normal price. As I said if the numbers increase the only way for the price to go is down. So what say you, care to have your car transformed for the summer? I'm not too sure on a timescale for this offer so for now I'll just leave it as it is and anyone that is genuinely interested and can back up that interest up with money when the time comes simply post your name and we'll take it from there. Please note that this offer is for the polyurethane lip only. I hope the above offer meets with the approval of all concerned, if there are any issues please let me know and they will be dealt with immediately. Regards, Damien. FINAL PRICE £240 DELIVERED TO THE UK 1. pedrosixfour ** 2. hemmjonny - paid in full** 3. Dan_Turism0 - paid in full** 4. Biker (DTDIRL) - paid in full** 5. Cloudder - paid in full** 6. sdistc - paid in full** 7. Jamil - paid in full** 8. Rob W - paid in full** 9. FrankR - paid in full** 10. Manny - paid in full** 11. Samurai 20V - paid in full** 12. Steve Spedd - paid in full**
  20. I have spoke to Homer with regards to this group buy and after discussions from this thread http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?238875-Simple-low-mount-seat-frame.&highlight=seat+mounts I have, made some jigs and test fitted into a mates supra. standard frame 330mm between folds, squiggled line on far rail is where its cut for the shorter frames, this will be the size of the ones Jamie had made. 475mm overall width using 50mm x 10mm steel so 375mm in side Extended frames 490mm from fold to the end with the same widths, these are as low to the floor as possible I can make these from mild steel, stainless and ally, have them painted powder coated. as for the seat mounting ideally they need to be mounted in the car for you to suss the right seating position then drill the holes. I can make an ally set up 50mm X 10mm (Short set) £150 (Long set) £185 Mild steel 50mm x 10mm (Short set) £100 (Long set) £115 The mild steel will come painted in black or silver let me know once order is placed Spoke to a powder coater, depending on the amount bought you will be looking at £15 - £20 on top for the mild steel or ally, he has most colours but im not sure if he will want a batch of random colours at that price (can check after interest shown), these would look great in a satin black or silver. (if I can get over 10 orders powder coating will be free) mitchell9006 is the man to speak to about polishing, i can post direct to him after fabrication. Postage of these will vary due to weight (will know the amount when first batch sent) Please note due to the mild steel being 10mm thick these are fairly heavy. I will require a min of 5 from either ally or mild steel to start the group buy, i can make an unlimited amount. any questions just ask. John
  21. Yes its another group buy by me. I have just bought a DASH2 from a company called Rallytechnology. I approached them about offering discounts to the club and they are able to offer Race Technology products at a discount of 20% approx over RRP (Will vary on quantity and product). Let me know what your interested in and I will see what I can do. Data recorders, ECU connectors, DASH2 etc.... As an example I got my DASH2, brand new and under full warranty for £480 inc VAT. All payments will be made via paypal straight to the company. Again this has been cleared with the mods. Link to website: Race Technology [ATTACH=CONFIG]138339[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]138340[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]138341[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]138342[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]138343[/ATTACH]
  22. Hi Guys, I've been looking at buying a Syvecs ECU. I have seen a few others looking to do the same so I approached Ryan and asked if we could get a discount should we get a number of people interested. This is what Ryan has offered: "Normally the S6 is £1300+vat and then i manufacture a loom adaptor to make it plug and play for £130 I am willing to do the whole plug and play package for £1610 each if 5 orders are placed together. Would normally be £1710!" Thats the offer so if interested please put your name down. I will keep this open for a few weeks to let everyone decide and arrange finances, As such I will close this, assuming we have at least five people, on Monday 19th September. After this date I will arrange payment options with Ryan and look to get these sent out. This group buy has been cleared with the mods. The list so far: mwilkinson sdistc Terminator Ibrar Jabbar
  23. This is a billet aluminium sparkplug cover for the 2JZ GTE Im making a batch of 20 for the group buy (approved by mods) They will be available in either a plain top or with the 'SUPRA' logo machined in The price is £100 including delivery (if anyone overseas is intrested i will find out the extra postage costs, please pm me for details) These are being manufactured and will be dispatched as soon as i get the required number of 20 If people are looking to run this without exposed cam pullies i will be modifying my standard cover to fit this weekend, i will post pictures when this is done Any questions please pm me Thankyou for looking This is the list so far Suprahuman - logo Ricky49 - logo Aman00123 - logo Supraudi - logo Boomstick - logo (netherlands) Al massey - logo gizzy - logo (old style) x 2 Wiggy1980 Monza786 - logo Leroybarry - logo starbuck Seba - logo x2 (belgium) Livvy - logo Axle -
  24. Well the first batch in the other thread has nearly been completed, just waiting on anodised colour sets to arrive. The price im affraid has altered due to my unrealistic pricing and not adding in postage costs and mirror polishing is taking longer than i thought. NEW PRICES ARE= for a 3 set cap deal. diamond cut and mirror polished shown in pic. Silver diamond cut finish= £50.00 Mirror Polished= £60.00 Coloured sets=£57.00 Prices will not change again. These are in my opinion the best cap set on the market and are very nicely made plus i think its the first time a complete replacment cap has been made for the washer bottle. I can now take orders on a batch of 20, as before add username and what set you would like. 1- 2- 3- 4-
  25. Group Buy for Ridox style deck spoilers made from GRP and designed to fit in between TRD & OEM spoilers. can also be used on it's own as seen in pic below. These spoilers DO NOT cover up the holes if you are removing the OEM or TRD spoilers. I have another version (available soon) with extended sides that covers the holes. Fitted with TRD in situ on Branner's Supra. Retail is £110 + £12.50 P&P Group Buy price for 5 buyers is £100 Group Buy price for 10 buyers is £90 Group Buy price for 15+ buyers is £85 P&P to mainland UK is £12.50 or you can collect from My works address by appointment.
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