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helping lee sort his car

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just spoke to lee and because his place is so small we really need to limit the people to max of 10 all in.


TBH Barny we may as well drop out, All i was going to do is stand about and make smart arse comments and Karolina was only coming for the free food. Give our spaces to people that WOULD be some actual help :)

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I think it would be a good idea for someone to take a camera along and get some pics of the work done etc...


Would help put names to faces etc too. I would offer my services personally (not that i am a photographer or anything) but without a working car at the moment :( so makes it very hard lol.


I'll bring the camera along :D

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cheers for all this guys, would like to keep it as much as "workers" as possible just due to space! i have a couple mates locally swinging by as well and obv the sw lot who i no is more than welcome :)


today i ordered a new pump, oil, oil filer, sump gasket, sealant, crank seal gasket or sumit and some gaskets that go between pump and engine! TBH paul was saying u need this, this and this and i was nodding on the phone :blink: but i put faith in him and will be here this week!


i have a mate who is talking to his mate who works at a butchers to get discount bulk meats if he can, will go shopping in the week for rolls, tea bags, milk ect! if any one has any garden chairs that will help too :)


we have the wall removed the the front and have a drive way and the grass is not chip and dust so all will have to happen on the front. drive way is a bit of a slope but hopefully wont be a problem


if any one is please bring a decent jack as the best i have is the one in the boot of the supra :)


cheers all and will see u sat


o and dont expect a salad or any thing as i duno where to start, burning stuff on a fire is as gd as it gets for me im affraid :innocent:

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