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helping lee sort his car

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Just wanted to bump up this thread as i came across it about an hour ago, feel really bad for Lee but what a club spirit we have on this Forum. If any of the guys who were involved in this are going to Dragonball12, please let me know and i will buy you a beer just for being a decent human being :thumbs:


Link to the pictures thread L33 was talking about


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It was a good weekend and the best thing was when lee's mum said thanks with a tear in her eye as she new how much lee was choked by the selfless help we all gave him.I wouldnt hesitate to help anybody who was as down as lee was getting over the whole thing.It was nice to see that so many others offerd there help and the saturday was one of the hottest days we had,buster;s bike stand actually sank into the tarmac road darren had his sumo belly out and pudsey had his ankle biter trousers on.barbe was going for most of the day aswell.nevin and sonic the hedgehog were like the chuckle brothers over to me over to you and so on.

Im glad it all worked out well for him now as he moved to a better job and he seems a lot happier in the way he speaks.Getting rid of the car was a weight lifted off his shoulders ,even if it was at a great finacial loss.As said though it was great club spirit and is the only real reason i would probably keep the car for a long time.

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