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  1. Car obviously I drive a truck now, all manly and stuff
  2. Lol Im a bit of a lurker on here nowadays
  3. I Think its the same from the left of the centre of the dash down, Maybe wrong, May be right but i think its important to recognise the fact of i had a crack
  4. Lol Coolbeans 1. Buster....bernie might be working 2. Listy35 + Mrs L 3. DodgyRog...Jen might be working 4. jasooon 5. Slam 6. Jon c 7. Slow8dirty 8.Blackie 9. 10.
  5. I might be up for this if i can bring the gay Z3
  6. It will lighten right up when the scabs have gone
  7. Alls good this end, Just going abit silly at the mo Ill catch up with everyone soon
  8. I will at some point, Im just flatout at the moment x
  9. Wow Spider! Your photographys awesome,Ever thought about taking it up full time??
  10. Well i was going to save it for a party but nevermind eh Hiya
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