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  1. L33

    1993 Toyota Supra Twin turbo Auto

    Engine And Transmission Borg Warner 91-79 Turbo HKS 264 Cams Gates Racing Cam Belt HKS Advanced Timing Pulleys Wiseco Forged Pistons ARP Head Stud Kit 4” K+N Air Filter HKS SSQV 3 Core FMIC 44mm Tial Waste Gate screamer pipe veilside exhaust Boostlogic Auto Drag Gear Box 3800 High Stall Torque Converter 25 Row Transmission oil cooler Spal High Powered Fan For Oil Cooler 650 Sard Fuel Injectors Twin Walbro Fuel Pumps Modified Fuel Rail For Twin Entry Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator Cusco Oil Catch Can New Oil And Water Pump New Engine Bearings And Gaskets Wheels A
  2. cant wait to see the bruce chasing darren video LOL
  3. im about 15 mins away from pod and every time i step out my front door it pisses it down so i give up! lol
  4. only just been told this is on as i havent been on the forum for ages and i now live just down the road from pod! can i pay on the gate? and how can i prove membership as i cant find my club card any where
  5. Who do you work for? I'm a underground live electric cable jointer for scottish and southern energy. Repair damaged or faulty cables, cut into live underground cables to supply new housing estates ect where turning off the electric isn't a suitable option. Also connect distrabution cables into new substations, basically any electric underground. Will be training to do my high voltage 11kv cable jointing soon but that's all done dead so only a short 4 week course
  6. Well there is some great ones... I was owned by karolina and she fish hooked me and dragged me round a field lol o and scott tried to fit in a pretty pink top then has his boxers torn off...
  7. Just got home thanks for a wicked weekend. Was so good seein old and new faces again! Made me miss the supra and the southwest so much tho! Glad the weather held up during the days, the bbq was lush and strawberry laces races is going to be used by all now I think, what a wicked game
  8. your back on the road... o no looking forward to seeing old faces again
  9. ive briefly scanned and seen there maybe stuff going on sat, blackie if any thing gets decided and needs funds ect can u txt me as im not on the net a great deal these days please xx
  10. im a mug who spunked every penny on a supra built by monkeys, fixed by the forum and ended up selling for 1/3 of the price i spent on it! should of bought a skyline... hahaha
  11. im making a return after like 3-4 years
  12. Now on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/618BHP-SHOW-CAR-7-PAGE-MAG-FEATURED-TOYOTA-SUPRA-/220699684488?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3362b9ee88
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