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  1. I have loads of happy memories of the club,.. like the incredible generosity of members helping me build my car, the dry and often dark humour of some of the members that always had me laughing, the awesome Supra convoys, big shows and all the friends I made along the way. ..... Oh and SWAGS (Supra Wives and Girlfriends) ... and the christmas Eve strip shows.
  2. Yep. Was the switch mate. Was actually the child-lock switch. Wouldn't de-activate even after pressing a zillion times. Just the small task of waiting for the snow to stop (April madness) and rewind that dam cable mechanism. Cheers for your help Izaak. Much appreciated
  3. Thank you so much Izaak. You saved me a job looking for the FUSE locations and confirmed my theory. So, good news! multi-tester proves the motor is fine and fuse checks out. Must be wires or switch! I pretty sure I did,... but I can't remember trying to operate the window with the passenger button. Would be frustrating to find its the drivers side window switch. Thanks again mate. Very helpful. On a side note: I accidentally let out the cable bobin and the wires quickly spooled off the motor wheel. Got a feeling thats going to be VERY difficult to rewind.
  4. LOL I don't stand a chance at finding it then. Guess I'll be driving around with windows down from now on then.
  5. Just found this thread. Sorry to hear about your dad mate. Love your scale tanks. Great work. Can appreciate all the effort thats gone into them, as I'm a bit of a scale modeller myself. (see pic) Sorry to hear about your uncle passed away too. That Jag must sound awesome. Would be great for you to honour him with a scale model of his jet.
  6. Hi guys. Window stuck down and away from my car and manuals but need to find out where the passenger side electric window fuse is. From memory there's a fuse box under the side kick panel on the driver's side market DOOR. Is that it? Cheers, Ed
  7. Thanks for your input guys. I really don't want to resort to selling,... but as you all know, times are hard and i need to evaluate my situation. Part of that is researching the value of the car. I have had a few messages about selling from both here and social media, from uk and abroad. So I guess there is still interesting the market.
  8. LOL I vaguely remember that Australian forum. Think someone called me a Wombat and flaming galah
  9. Thanks guys. This car has been my life and soul. Really don't want to sell. Appreciate your valuations. - - - Updated - - - Very funny mate. LOL
  10. Over here Graham, I'm considered a village idiot. In the states Im considered quite intelligent don't-ch know. So my thread didn't spark as much interest or create as much tit illation!
  11. Lost my job due to Corona, so I am having to face reality. My beloved Supra is on the line. https://old.mkivsupra.net/vbb/vbpgimage.php?do=full&p=22451&d=1368191847 Just need a quick rough guess as to what you peeps think its worth please. Been on the forum awhile, and the car has documented history. Garaged every night and washed more often that I clean myself. Almost never driven in the rain. A real garage queen. Supra Mkiv J-Spec 1993 GZ Aero Passed last MOT with no problems No faults. Mint body Drives perfect! Starts every time. Lots of receipts etc. Jurgan orig
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