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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Bluewater meet every month

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Yeah lets get some half naked womens!!


Hey, what about us female supra owners, we want to see some half naked men with good six packs, tanned and well oiled lol


On a serious note, I might come and join you, from the pic you could do with a bit more variety of colours. I got the yellow supra and only had it a couple of weeks so could do with some advice. Took it out on Sat and half floored it, felt good esp as I left some young boys in their astra miles behind.

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lol quality.

No one said anything about just guys ;) your more then welcome to join. They are a good bunch that turn up and will be able to help.

where in kent are you from?


Ashford, how about you? I think Suprawomen is from our area as well.

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