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  1. I will be coming guys. Be good to catch up after such a long time. Bringing the gti :-)
  2. sorry guys would love to come but me and lorna are moving into our house saturday 15th
  3. anyone going nandos before? meet at 7.30 pm for some propper grub. :-)
  4. i will live in the new car with thw missus and the two cats lol. supra sold last night guys :-(
  5. cheers guys, i road tested the mazda 3 mps yesterday, nice car just quite juicy on the fuel still. Im road testing the new shape golf tdi gt and the scirocco tdi today. They are better with nearly 60mpg. p.s does anybody think i have priced the na too high? im asking £2700
  6. i wish it could be that easy lads. You know what girls are like with new stuff.
  7. I have done a for sale add for this now people, cheers
  8. sorry dude they are going with the supra. That the prob buying a old shed i think is going to lead to alot of problems and cost £££. I was looking at a new mazda 3 mps, well 2010 plate. Its saying i pay £230 a month, road tax is about the same as the supra, insurance is about the same. There mpg is around 45-50 extra urban which is pretty good. And still pretty quick. Might do that i think
  9. thats the prob though, im only 25. TBH the house is my main thing on the list at the moment and im pretty sure supra's will still be here in 4 years or so.
  10. hello everyone. Been thinking about this long and hard for the past couple of days and really really dont want to do it. I bought my silver manual na back in febuary this year off budz as i was going to carry out a v8 conversion on it. I got a new job in the past couple of weeks which means i have to travel approx 60 miles a day to and from and i really couldnt do this in the supra, so my missus said take my fiesta as she only does 8 miles a day to and from work. Wahay win!! No longer a win She has been after a new car for a while now as she has had her fiesta for about 6 years now, on
  11. ahhh mate they are lovely, cheers for the pics. Will be doing this over the weekend.
  12. morning. A discussion came up last night at the bluewater meet about what it would be like to facelift uk spec glass headlights. Has anyone ever done this? If so any pictures? sorry if this is a re post. cheers
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